What are the requirements to open a bank account at Banco Santander in the United States?

This Spanish bank operates mainly in the northeastern part of the country.

Banco Santander is a Spanish banking institution and considered one of the largest in the world. It was founded on May 15, 1857, in the city of Santander, Cantabria, where it has had its headquarters ever since, although its operational headquarters are concentrated in the central offices of the “Ciudad Group Santander” in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, all in Spain.

Here in the United States, it has been present since 2013, focusing especially on the northeastern part of the country, encompassing the cities of New York, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and New Hampshire with 600 physical branches and 2,000 ATMs. automatic.

If you want to open an account in Santander you will require:

  • Personal information with two forms of identification: a government-issued ID and an additional one to verify identity such as a birth certificate or driver’s license.
  • Social security number or taxpayer identification number (ITIN).
  • Address in the United States
  • Phone number

You can open your account at any of its branches or online through its website santanderbank.com.

Types of Santander checking accounts

Although Santander has five checking accounts, two are the most popular among Americans.

Basic Checking

So that you do not feel pressured to maintain any minimum balance, this bank account has a monthly fee of $3 dollars. From the contracting of this type of account you have mobile banking and its Santander PROTECHTION program, which allows you to manage your accounts, your debit and credit cards, as well as personalize movement alerts. To open it, you need a minimum deposit of $25 dollars.

Simply Right Checking

This is the most popular account of this bank. It has a monthly fee of $10 dollars, with no minimum balance required, although it can be avoided with one qualifying transaction per month, be it a deposit, withdrawal, transfer or payment. Like Basic Checking, you open it with a minimum balance of $25 dollars, you have access to online banking, Santander PROTECHTION and a fee of $3 dollars for cash withdrawals at ATMs that are not part of the company’s network.

Finally, Santander has Student Value Checking, an account for students between 14 and 25 years old. In addition, it has two premium accounts (Premier Plus Checking and Select Checking) that provide an annual rate of return of 0.01% APY with different balance requirements.