What is a family commissioner?

In this article we will focus on the Family Police Stations, so that you understand what they are for and when you can go to them.

What are the Family Police Stations?

Law 1098 of 2006 defines the Family Police Station as a district or municipal or inter-municipal body, whose mission is to prevent, guarantee, restore and repair the rights of the members of a family nucleus in which cases of violence have occurred.

What do the Family Police Stations specialize in?

Basically, the Family Police Stations work on all issues related to domestic violence, such as alleged child abuse, alleged sexual crimes, partner violence, food reconciliations, visits, custody and fixation of food, among others.

Can I report at any Family Police Station?

The Family Police Stations work by territorial jurisdiction, that is, in most cases, the police station that is close to your residence will be in charge of processing your process.

Similarly, the law establishes that in matters related to acts of domestic violence, the Family Police Station of the place where the facts occurred will be responsible for hearing the process of protection measures or the pertinent action to mitigate said facts.

In the case of reconciliations of food or procedures for alleged child abuse or alleged sexual crimes against minors or adolescents by members of their family (those who live in the same residence and who share common areas such as bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.), It will be the responsibility of the family police station that is close to the child’s residence.

Do the Family Police Stations offer couples therapy?

Although all the Family Police Stations have a psychosocial team made up of psychologists, social workers and lawyers, their work is focused on working towards actions that prevent domestic violence and not conducting couples therapy. However, all Police Stations have agreements with specialized centers to which they can refer you to carry out a therapeutic process.

How long do hearings last at the Family Police Stations?

The hearings are scheduled for a duration of one hour, although you must bear in mind that each Commissioner assigns a reasonable time to the different hearings that are handled.