Rights of the elderly

Third age is a stage of life that begins at age 62 and that makes this group of people subjects of special constitutional protection, that is, full compliance with all the rights established in the constitution is required and, therefore In itself, all the resources destined to improve their living conditions must be made available to them.

What does this constitutional protection refer to?

Being subject to constitutional protection refers to the protection and special benefits of which a specific group of people are the object. In this case, this group refers to the elderly.

How does the Colombian government ensure compliance with rights and benefits?

In this case, the Colombian government contextualizes that protection and benefits of adults under Law 1171 of 2007, the law of the elderly, which provides significant benefits from its social and economic perspective.

In the first article of this law, these rights of the elderly are very briefly contextualized as follows:

“Object of the law. The purpose of this law is to grant people over 62 years of age benefits to guarantee their rights to education, recreation, and health and to promote an improvement in their general living conditions.”

According to this law, what are these economic and social benefits?

  1. People over 62 years of age have 50% discounts at the ticket office for public, cultural, sports, artistic and recreational shows.
  2. Discounts in educational institutions.
  3. Discounts on public transport.
  4. Free entry to museums.
  5. Preferential window at customer service sites.
  6. Priority in medical consultations and delivery of prescription drugs.
  7. Quick and discounted access to higher education entities.