What is Amaranth and what are its benefits?

If you feel that your health worsens, Amaranth is the best ally to cleanse your body and have more energy.

The Amaranth plant contains a large amount of protein, iron and calcium. This plant helps prevent diabetes and other chronic diseases. It contains a seed with which cereals, flours, sweets and other healthy products are made. This product, along with corn, beans and chia, was one of the main foods of the cultures of America and the main source of protein.

Amaranth Nutrition

Among its great nutritional properties are:

  • Being one of the most important sources of protein, since it beats most cereals.
  • Be a source of natural minerals and vitamins: A, B, C, B1, B2, B3.
  • Being a source of folic acid, so necessary in pregnant women.
  • Be a source of niacin, calcium, iron and phosphorus.
  • Contains amino acids such as lysine.

Health Benefits of Amaranth

Among the medicinal effects, it is attributed:

  • Control of diarrhea.
  • Prevention of colon cancer.
  • It prevents and helps in the control of osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus, obesity, high blood pressure, constipation and diverticulosis, chronic kidney failure, liver failure, hepatic encephalopathy, celiac disease and is recommended in the diet for people with autism.
  • Due to its energy content it is also beneficial for patients with high caloric requirements.

If you want to try this nutritious food, we have the following products that contain Amaranth and that can greatly benefit your health.

1.  Amaranth Bars

This product contains 12 packages of Amaranth bars, developed to provide intestinal wellness and help balance blood sugar levels.

Amaranth bars are a healthy option for mid-afternoon dining. You can put it in your children’s backpack and they will be eating top quality protein and fiber.

2. Organic amaranth grains

This product of non-transgenic seeds of natural amaranth, is a healthy and organic food. A cup of Amaranth provides you with 20gr of protein, B vitamins and minerals.

The Amaranth beans are a good topping for a salad, a cup of yogurt or to eat alone. The good thing about organic foods is that they do not produce side effects on the body, on the contrary, they help to improve the intestinal flora.

3. Amaranth Sweet

This Amaranth tablet is a sweet that combines walnuts and raisins with honey. This product helps control anxiety or cravings. Each bite provides energy, better digestion and satiety.

This product made in Mexico, is a typical sweet of this country, which combines sweet and salty flavors to give you a snack full of taste. The mill, a company that manufactures it, has been making sweets since 1976.