Which is the best bank for you?

You should look for accessibility and benefits that suit you

Being able to withdraw your money whenever you want from the ATM of a branch of your financial institution in any state of the country and also having other services such as loans or savings accounts make a difference. So that you know what your best options may be, we present the benefits of the main banks in the United States, according to La Opinion and nerdwallet.

1. Chase

This bank is recognized for its bonuses and promotions for new customers. For example, a new checking account can get an extra $200 (expires 07/20/20). It has nearly 4,900 branches in 30 states across the country, 16,000 ATMs, and its account management fees can be avoided by maintaining minimum daily balances.

2. Bank of America

With 4,400 branches in 40 states in the country, it has an account with monthly charges between $12 and $25 dollars that you can avoid by maintaining a minimum balance of $1,500 dollars. Also in your Rewards Savings savings account as your account balance grows, you can also increase your interest rate in favor.

3. Discover

Although Discover is a completely online bank, you can withdraw money at more than 60,000 ATMs at no cost. As if that were not enough, you do not require a minimum deposit to open the account nor do they have monthly charges. Their checking account gives you 1% cash back on qualifying debit card purchases up to $3,000 per month.

4. PNC Bank

It is shown as an option that currently offers many benefits and services to its customers in its more than 2,900 branches in 19 states and around 9,000 ATMs.

5. Capital One

It has more than 500 branches available in the United States, being one of the largest banks in the nation. This bank offers many benefits to its customers, such as competitive interest on credit accounts and no monthly fees on checking accounts.