Allstate, Geico, Progressive or State Farm Insurance: Which is better for you

Allstate, Geico, Progressive Farm or State: Which is better for you?

Allstate, Geico, Progressive and State four of the largest insurance companies in the united states. Your policies may cover loss of your most important assets, including your car, your house and your belongings. Life insurance offered by these companies can help their loved ones financially in the event of their death.

The four companies have been in the business decades during, enjoy the best financial strength ratings and are highly respected in the industry. Nerdwallet has done some research to help you compare these factor insurers that are important for your decision, if you are looking for the best car insurance, home insurance, life insurance or some other coverage.

In addition to auto insurance, Allstate sells house and renters insurance, commercial and retirement and investment insurance. Allstate’s products are sold through their own agents throughout the country.

Customer service

Even Allstate’s customer satisfaction for car insurance claims, price and customer service put it in half the table, the company obtained a high score in a recent jd power survey for customer satisfaction among companies life insurance.

Allstate’s drivewise program offers an opportunity for good drivers with low mileage to save money. The insurance program based on use sets the price based on mileage, speed, driving and braking time of day.

Mobile app

The Allstate Mobile Application offers several features suitable for car insurance customers: You can see your insurance card, file a claim, get roadside assistance and even find your parked vehicle.

Allstate: pros and cons

  • A Single Window For A Variety Of Insurance Products.
  • The personal service of local Agents.
  • Allstate’s Rewards Program offers merchandise, Gift Cards and More for Drivers.
  • Customer service qualifications Solid for Life Insurance.
  • It is not known for competitive prices.
  • Average Customer Satisfaction for Car Insurance Claims.

Allstate: The Bottom Line

Allstate’s agents can provide a hand when you want to understand insurance and options, and that offer a wide variety of insurance products. But the company’s satisfaction ratings suggest that you can find better options elsewhere for car insurance.

Geico is a good option for buyers who are mainly interested in an affordable car insurance policy. Both consumer reports and jd power Geico place studies as better than average for the price.

Customer service

Geico’s customer service comments tend to be lukewarm. Eso’s in the middle of the consumer reports package the satisfaction range of car insurance customers. Jd power had similar findings from Geico’s customer service, “About communication.”

Geico will allow you to establish a start with coverage one for a variety of vehicles, vehicles: in addition to your: recreational vehicles, off-road vehicles, motorcycles and boats. Geico services of uno 13 million auto insurance and un insurance policies offers a agent who sells exclusively for Geico.

Even Geico has to sell the owners or renters of insurance, what does it do? Make it easy for customers to get these policies from other companies through the Geico insurance agency.

Mobile app

The Geico mobile application helps you easily keep track of your policies and billing information. It allows you to access this its Geico policies and a digital auto insurance identification card, pay bills and submit claims.

Geico: pros and cons


Progressive offers coverage for a variety of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, snowmobiles, commercial vehicles and even segways. An independent agents insurance is sold. Progressive, auto insurance provider no. 4, specializes in vehicle insurance and offers other types of coverage, such as home and life insurance, through third parties.

Progressive’s page offers web ways to investigate car insurance masss beyond online appointments now traditional: your “name your price tool help find a policy that fits a budget do – despite the low price will come with the dilemma in coverage.

Progressive is unusual, since it allows rve customers to competitors’ prices, along with Progressive quotes; a nerdwallet comparison found prices in Progressives to be in communication.

Customer service

Claims satisfaction not stand out: it was Progressive “Above average” for car insurance claims, according to a power jd study.

Progressive was a pioneer in use-based insurance with its snapshot program, which bases its premiums on how much and when to drive, along with driving habits, how to brake with force and acceleration. But it was also the first insurer to announce that customers who change their use-based program could see their mass rise.

Your unit in the car claims service offer comfort to customers who have had an accident.

Mobile app

With Progressive’s smartphone application you can find policy details and insurance card, see payments, according to report, find a repair service center and more.

Progressive: pros and cons

State Farm

As for size, state farm is the top dog, holding about 19% of the national market share for private passenger car insurance and about 20% of the home insurance market. It also is among the top 10 life insurance companies.

The company, founded in 1922, offers more than 100 products and services, including insurance for motorcycles, boats, vehicle care, renters, health and a long term off-road. State agricultural services almost 44 million auto insurance policies and has 18,000 agents that sell exclusively for state farm. It also sells annuities and banking products.

Customer service

State farm’s customer service in general is generally ranked better than others in jd power’s regional customer studies. The company recently obtained the maximum honors in jd power’s insurance life satisfaction study.

However, the satisfaction of drip for clients who have made car insurance claims; among clients, the state farm service is in communication.

If you’re a safe driver, you can be able to save money with state farm’s safe program and save. This use-based insurance program calculates the price is part of your mileage and a few “safe driving” measurements stories such as acceleration and braking.

State farm’s smartphone application, called pocket agent, offers the ability to view your insurance card and policy information, or file an online claim and view a claim’s status, among other features.