Allstate vs GEICO – Who offers the best car insurance?

GEICO vs. Allstate Car Insurance

Car insurance comparison looks pretty easy. You get a quote from the couple of different companies and then see who has the cheapest car insurance, right? Incorrect. If everything compares itself to the mas of the car insurance companies, then you may have some problems along the way. Do you want to compare car insurance as a professional? We can help. Let’s start comparing Allstate vs GEICO. From there, you can decide if you want to choose between one of these large types or a smaller insurer.

Allstate vs. GEICO: The better insurance company?

Allstate is a well-known and well-known auto insurance company. On the other hand, that is why GEICO. As the national operators serving the majority, if not all states, how can one say these two gaints of separate insurance? What is different? How is a decision based on the fact that there is something price sea? It is important to take into account the history and business model of each brand, as well as compare what other benefits could be offered by each car insurance company. Compare insurance coverages can take some time of your day, but don’t worry; let’s walk through east.

About Allstate Auto Insurance

Allstate is the third-largest car insurance company in the us that is something very important is car insurance comparison terms. That means that they write a large number of insurance policies, financially sound son, and are very experienced when it comes to handling car insurance claims. The Allstate approach is customer service, that is why they employ a large number of agents and customer service representatives throughout the country. For them, it is important that you are able to reach a real person, quickly. They understand that you are very likely to be happier with your service if you do business with a local agent who knows your personal needs.

Allstate customers:

According to, 73% of Allstate customers say they would recommend Allstate to their family and friends. 89% of dice They were going to renew their car insurance policy with the Company.

Allstate Discounts:

Discounts offered by an insurance company are an important element of the comparison process. If a company offers a discount that others do not, you could save some additional money by choosing the insurer that, assuming you are entitled to that discount. In addition, a series of discounts vary from one company to another. Let’s see the difference when Allstate vs. GEICO is comparatively.

Best Allstate Discounts:

  • Driver’s insurance: Up to 45% discount
  • Passive Protection Devices: Up to 30% discount (for Vehicles Equipped with Air Bags and Other Passive Safety Devices)
  • Good student: Up to the 20% discount.
  • EZ Payment Plan: 5% discount for the creation of automatic payment.
  • Premier Plus driver Discount: 35% deduction for a perfect Driving record free of accidents and Violations Within the period of 60 months.


The GEICO strategy is to offer the low car insurance cost. Son an insurance company of well established and automatic long data, the asi and are financially solid tan. GEICO made us take note when they started their flagship television advertising campaigns, but they have been much longer than that.

GEICO is actually in the no. 2 position in the us-right auto insurance range above Allstate. This fact can make you ask why you should bother with car insurance comparison at all, but trust us. There is an insurance company out there for everyone. Take the time to find the one that suits you.

GEICO has had a very significant increase in recent years, but that only speaks of how well your business is doing and not so much to the quality of its car insurance coverage. GEICO focuses more on its offers of lower rates and advertising high. An important difference worth mention when Allstate vs. GEICO is comparatively is that GEICO customer service depends on its many call centers.

GEICO Discounts:

Many insurance companies have the same or similar discounts available to their customers. Some companies offer some additional additional discounts but for the most part limited child insurance discounts. What does it do? The difference is the amount of the discount. Comparison of car insurance between Allstate vs GEICO it is not easy, but looking at the available discounts of each company could save more, depending on the right discounts for those you have.

Best GEICO Discounts:

  • Airbags: Up to 40% discount
  • Good driver: Up to 26% off
  • Anti-theft devices: Up to 25% discount
  • Multi-Car: Up to 25% discount
  • Military Discounts: Up to 15% -25%
  • Eagle Discount: *% discount For Federal Employees

Choosing the Best Insurance Company For You

If you are going to compare car insurance companies, the above tips can help you make the right decision. You will be able to weigh a company’s discounts against your customer service and you will have a little more to go on than just the premium price of your insurance policy.