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  1. Bank of America loan rates and conditions
  2. Compare Bank of America with its competitors
  3. How to apply for a Bank of America loan
  4. Contact phone
  5. Customer service and claims

Bank of America customers acquire loans that are designed to finance a new home, refinance an existing mortgage, or to purchase a car. The Bank of America finance company will be useful if you:

  • You own a home
  • You have a fixed income
  • You are looking for financing of more than $ 200,000
  • You need to refinance
  • You are looking to buy a new house

Bank of America loan rates and conditions

There are two types of loans that Bank of America makes available to its clients. Both are available for immediate request.

Home loans Allow you to purchase the home of your dreams or even secure the one you already have. You can get a mortgage that has an adequate value for your house. It is also possible to purchase a refinance if you already have a home loan. Home equity allows you to get a loan to help you meet your needs.

Loans $ 200,000 or more
APR 4.718%
commissions 0.5%
Time to receive the money 30 days
Loan duration 15 to 30 years
Soft credit check? Yes
Minimum requirements: Owning a deeded home, Official identification, Credit history with good scores, Sales contract Complete addresses of the last two years of residence
Recommended for: Good credit history, mortgage refinancing, home purchase

Compare Bank of America with its competitors

Bank Of America
Loans $ 200,000 or more
APR 4.718%
commissions 0.5%
Wells Fargo
Loans $ 3,000 – $ 100,000
APR 7.24% – 24.24%
commissions 0%
Loans $ 200,000 or more
APR 3,502%
commissions 1.56%

In addition to these financial companies, there are also other companies that offer this type of service for you.

How to apply for a Bank of America loan

If you want to apply for a loan at Bank of America you can do it in different ways. One way is through the bank’s assistance phone: 866-502-9005 or by scheduling an appointment online. If you prefer, you can go in person to the nearest Bank of America branch. Make an online application to expedite your process by following the steps explained below:

  1. Within the main page of Bank of America there are two main bars, in the second you can find the types of products offered by the financial institution. Select the type of loan you are looking for and the option you need. For example, if you select a Home Loan, you will need to indicate if you require a Mortgage, Refinance, or Home Equity.
  2. Once you select the option you are looking for, you will be sent to a section to find out more details about your loan. In this case, you must select the Payment calculator option to see a simulation of your loan.
  3. In each section you must enter the information that is required to get your loan. In this example, the value of the home, the current loan balance and up to the term you want for your financing.
  4. In a few seconds you will have an approximate response of the payments you will make each month. Includes information about the rate and time of the loan. Click on the “Find out how” button to continue.
  5. Finally, you must open an account with your data and in this way you will receive a call from a Bank of America assistant. You will be given personalized help so that you can apply correctly to the loan you need.

Contact phone

Bank of America does not provide a specific contact telephone number in Spanish. However, it is possible to solve many questions through its website in Spanish and using its application.

It also offers its Online Banking service in Spanish. Which is very convenient because not only will you be able to hire the service in your language, but you can also manage your banking online from your phone or computer in Spanish.

Customer service and claims

Bank of America offers a special service for its clients when it comes to claims and reports. Offers help in case of:

Report by suspicious email or text messages. Bank of America never asks for personal or confidential information via email or text messages. It is important that if clients receive this type of message they report it by mail to the address

Report of fraudulent activity. If you register a suspicious activity it is necessary to report it to the phone 877-366-1121.

Help in case the owner dies. In the event of death, family members should go to the nearest Bank of America branch. They can also call 888-689-4466. It is important to have a death certificate that can also be mailed to the address Bank of America, Estate Unit, PO Box 31655, Tampa FL, 33631-1655.

Get assistance in case of financial problems. If you have problems with your mortgage or car loan, then you can contact the following telephone numbers.

  • Home loan. 800-720-3758 Monday through Friday from 8am to 11pm
  • Credit cards and other loans. 866-635-4314 Monday through Friday from 8am to 10pm

If you are already a Bank of America customer, you can share your experience through comments. At this moment there are hundreds of people who are looking for references to apply for the best loan in the USA.