Progressive Car Insurance Review


  1. Types of coverage or policies that Progressive offers
  2. Telephone for customer service

The auto insurance Progressive are among the most important in this group of insurers. Based on the 2015 data, it covered 8.8% of the national market in this sector, ranking fourth in sales. It started as an insurance company in 1937, until it became what is currently a corporate group that groups together various companies.

Types of coverage or policies that Progressive offers

The auto insurance Progressive are composed of coverage’s that are mandatory in many states and others that are optional for each client, related to damage the vehicle. The generally mandatory coverage is:

  • Civil liability. Covers material damage caused to third parties, as well as expenses for physical injuries. If necessary, it also covers legal defense expenses.
  • Medical payments. Covers necessary medical expenses for the driver and his companions. This protection also covers you walking or cycling. In states that require it, it can be offered as Personal Injury Protection.
  • Bodily injury from uninsured or under insured vehicles. It covers the damages caused by the driver and passengers if the other vehicle is responsible for the accident, but the coverage is not enough or does not have insurance.

The specific coverages for the car are:

  • Collision. They cover the vehicle from damage suffered as a result of a crash.
  • Complete coverage. It offers additional protection to the vehicle, for damages caused by hail, flood, fire, theft, collision with animals, etc. It also includes veterinary expenses to treat your dog or cat injured in the accident.
  • Property damage from uninsured vehicles. It also covers damage to your vehicle if the person in charge does not have insurance.
  • Assistance on the road. Support to repair the car if it presents electrical or mechanical failures on the road.
  • Covers the costs of accessories attached to the car in case they are damaged, such as televisions, audio navigation systems, etc.
  • Car rent. Provides a vehicle for transportation while the casualty is under repair.
  • Loan or lease payment. If the damaged vehicle was under a rental plan or still had a mortgage, this coverage pays the debt in the event of a total loss.

Telephone for customer service

Customer service has the following telephone line where they assist you:

1800 734 8767

Progressive’s customer service is 24 hours.