GEICO Car Insurance


  1. Types of coverage or policies that GEICO offers
  2. Telephone and Customer Service GEICO

The GEICO auto insurance began to be sold in 1936, when the company was founded in the state of Texas. In its beginnings, it offered plans for government employees, which gave rise to its name by Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO).

It is a subsidiary insurer of Berkshire Hathaway, one of the most important auto insurers in the country due to its level of coverage, which according to 2015 figures had a national market share of 11.4%, ranking second for its sales in direct premiums.

Types of coverage or policies that GEICO offers

The most important basic coverages included in GEICO auto insurance are:

  • Civil liability for bodily injury. Covers damage due to injury and death to third parties. IN case of legal dispute it also includes defense expenses.
  • Medical payments. Protects people inside the insured vehicle against injuries, providing the payment of medical expenses. In the case of the contracting party, it also protects him if he is affected by an accident without being in the car.
  • Vehicle coverage under insured. Covers damages and injuries to people in the car caused by a vehicle that does not have sufficient protection in its insurance. Some states also offer uninsured vehicle protection.
  • Total physical damage. Protects the insured vehicle against damage caused by floods, fire, theft, animals and other causes other than vehicle accidents.
  • Collision. Covers vehicle damage in the event of an accident against another or various objects.
  • Civil liability for property damage. It covers the damage caused to the property of third parties as a result of an accident for which you have legal responsibility. In case of lawsuits, he also pays defense expenses.

Some additional coverage to the basic ones are:

  • Emergency services on the road. Power passing, tire changes, towing for mechanical or electrical failures and locksmith services.
  • Car rent. Reimbursement of car rental expenses necessary as a result of an accident.
  • Mechanical failure insurance. Among other advantages, it allows you to choose the repair location to your liking. It also protects against failure all parts and systems of the car. Available for cars up to 15 months old with less than 15,000 miles driven.

Telephone and Customer Service GEICO

The main telephone numbers for GEICO customer service are:

Although you can also contact their phone where they can assist you to quote an insurance: 1-800-691-4240.

Car insurance is a matter oftentimes confusing. With all of those legal requirements, optional coverage options, deductibles, and different levels of coverage, it’s not always easy to find out how to choose the best car insurance policy. To save you from all work, and to make things easier, Geico offers you all options of auto insurance coverage available, and tells you how you can protect yourself.

You are in the right place

Looking for quick, free and accurate quotation about car insurance? Geico is here to provide you with an online insurance quote now at any time. If you like it you see it, you can buy it immediately and start enjoying an excellent Geico coverage. Remember, you have nothing to lose and much to save!

It’s all about you

When you are a Geico customer who not only obtain the best car insurance, but also the best customer service. As soon as you buy your auto insurance policy, you can register for the instant, 24/7 access to it, at the Geico insured customer service center. By doing so, you will be able to do the following:

  • see the car insurance policy documents,
  • change coverage levels,
  • make online payments or register paragraph: automatic payments,
  • add policy or delete your vehicles.

24 hour assistance

Having access online now is great, but sometimes you need to talk to a real live person. Geico licensed insurance professionals will be at your service to give you the attention you deserve. Just dial 1-800-861-8380 to discuss topics such as:

  • policy,
  • your coverage levels,
  • one of how to submit claim,
  • the claims handling,
  • and almost anything else.

Pay the way you want

Geico gives you the option to choose from many different ways to pay the car insurance premium. You can pay your premium at the same time, or pay your payments in two, three, four, or even monthly installments. Comfortable and affordable: at the same time.

Geico auto xpress repair program

If you ever need a car repair, after an accident, auto repair xpress is here to help you. You have just left your car in any type of xpress Geico auto repair. They evaluate the damage, and will give you a rental car, if you have rental coverage. As soon as your car is fixed, Geico and the arx store guarantee repairs during the time you own the vehicle.