What is the net value of 1 gram of 14K gold

Gold! Worthy representative of wealth and means of refuge of value. Its chemical properties, durability, malleability, resistance, striking color and brightness made it one of the most precious chemical elements since ancient times.

The pure gold is somewhat soft whether or flattens sheet and can quickly lose shape, so it is not very common to see coins of pure gold. For that reason, the most common is to find gold alloys with other metals, such as platinum, copper, silver, iron, palladium, nickel, zinc and even rhodium plating.

It is logical to think that the gold alloy will be harder the less gold it contains. The alloy gives gold greater resistance properties to substances such as nitric acid or royal water and mercury.

The purity of gold is generated and measured in carats (K) and more recently thousandths are used. Whether one measure or another refers to the portion of pure gold that forms the alloy. Thus 24 karat gold ( 24K ) or 999 thousandths corresponds to pure gold.

The 14K is an alloy containing fourteen parts gold and ten other metals, in thousandths will be 583 parts gold and 417 parts other metals.

Let us dedicate a few paragraphs in this article to present the varieties of gold in 14K and 18K alloys, as well as the uses and an estimate of 14 karat gold value.

14K and 18K gold varieties

The recent tendency to use the thousandths to determine the purity of gold is due to joyeriaplaor.com explains to the practice of some goldsmiths in Europe to use a better measure of impurity accuracy and improve the required properties of the alloy. Let us think that the precision of a carat is 1/24 while that of a thousandth is 1/1000.

The gold tones are white gold, blue gold or rose gold are due to the metal with which the gold is combined, so we will have:

  • The yellow gold is a 18K containing 125 thousandths of copper and silver 125.
  • Red gold, similar to the previous one being a quarter copper.
  • The striking white gold is generally 750 thousandths of gold, up to 160 palladium and the rest silver.
  • Rose gold is generally three quarters gold, 20% copper the rest silver.

In the market we will also find varieties of blue gold (gold-iron) green gold (Gold-silver) gray gold (gold-nickel-copper)

The particular 14K gold is a hard, resistant alloy that contains ten parts (583 to 585 thousandths) of pure gold and the rest will be different proportions of zinc, nickel, silver and copper as explained by the diamonds.pro site.

In 14K gold we will also have the shades of yellow, pink and white.

Applications of 14K gold

The 14K has very wide use in the industry of gold and jewellery, especially engagement rings for durability, accessibility colours and price.

The striking ” Eternity Bands ” and wedding rings in white and pink tones are built-in 14K gold with beautiful finishes and applications, so we will also find charms, pendants, earrings, beautiful jewelry and other pieces of jewellery for daily use.

How to calculate the value of the 14K gram of gold?

To calculate the value of a gram of 14K gold you need certain conversions and know what is the most recent gold price in the market.

First, you must weigh the 14K gold item you wish to value. The weight measured in grams should be converted to ounces, where one Oz equals 28.35 grams or troy ounces (Ozt.) If that is the case the Troy ounce equals 31.1 grams.

The price of gold is quoted in the national market in ounces ($ / Oz.) However internationally, the price of gold is set by Troy ounce ($ / Ozt.) It is known that 14K gold is not pure, then, You must also know the exact percentage of gold that a piece contains (58.3% to 58.5%) for this you will require the assessment of an expert.

Convert grams to ounces by dividing them by 28.35. (31.1 in the case of Ozt.) For a gram of 14K gold, the conversion should be 0.035 ounces.

Remember that the 14K contain 58.3 to 58.5 percent gold. The rest is composed of other metals mixed with gold to make it stronger and less expensive.

If you multiply the result of the conversion from grams to ounces (0.035) by the percentage of pure gold (0.583) contained in 14K gold, the result is 0.035 x 0.583 = 0.0204 ounces of pure gold in a gram of 14K gold.

Find out the current gold price in the market that you can get on sites like goldinfo.net. Remember that the price of gold internationally changes every day, even twice a day.

At the local level, gold prices can change, for example today the Troy ounce of pure gold is quoted at USD 1,190.75 in the international market. In Latin America specifically in Mexico you can find a troy ounce of 24K gold at USD 1,100 and in Colombia at USD 990 per Ozt.

You can check the value of gold in your local market through a simple search online or in the financial section of a newspaper.

Calculate the net value of a gram of 14K gold by multiplying the amount of pure gold contained in a gram of 14K gold (0.0204 ounces) by the current price of gold in the market. For example, if the current price of gold in the market is USD 1,190.75 per ounce, then the value of 1 gram of 14K gold is 1,190.75 x 0.0204 = $ 24.29 per gram of 14K gold.

Now that you know how much a gram of 14K gold is worth, you can multiply that figure by the number of grams of 14K gold your jewel has. You must deduct the weight of sconces from other materials. This will allow you to know what is the value of 14K gold that an object has.

Now you can sell your gold item and not be scammed in the attempt.