Best places to find Chinese food near me in the United States

If you are looking for Chinese food near me, below you will find the best places where you will find it, also knowing what type of food the Chinese restaurants serve near my location, the numbers of Chinese food at home so that you do not move from your house and they deliver food at your door, because you will know all this information right now.

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What kind of Chinese food is there near me in the United States?

Chinese food near me and its types is what you can order in Western Chinese restaurants such as three delights rice or spring rolls or other versions of recipes with rice, which is the main ingredient in Chinese cuisine, such as:

  • Zongzi is a type of rice served in a triangle shape filled with beans or sweet beans that is rolled in bamboo leaves to be boiled or steamed.
  • The woton are the typical ravioli with wheat dough stuffed with shrimp, pork, soybeans, sesame oil, ginger and onion.
  • Gong bao chicken is a classic of Chinese cuisine, a spicy dish with chili and pepper as its main ingredients. It is chicken marinated with Sichuan pepper and wok-fried chili peppers, sautéed meat with peanuts and vegetables.
  • Chop suey is also another traditional Chinese dish made with different types of meat and vegetables cooked in a wok.
  • Jiaozi is the typical dish of traditional Chinese New Year cuisine. They are dumplings filled with vegetables and meat, boiled or fried, accompanied by hot sauce, vinegar or soy.

Where is Chinese food near me?

Chinese food near me is in several restaurants in the United States, to find one near you you can enter:

After that, it will show you all the options you have with the name of the restaurant and when you choose one of them you will be able to see the opening hours, the address, the telephone number, the restaurant menu and the price range per person and a description of the restaurant with its menu.

  • Uber Eats is another possibility by going to , entering the exact address in the search engine and clicking on Find food, the system will show you all the alternatives so you can choose one with one click the restaurant or meals you prefer.

You will also find Chinese food nearby at Frugal Cooking by going to , as soon as you access you will see the search engine to search for China Food with all the restaurant options with their address.

What are the top US cities for Chinese food near my location?

Chinese food near my location you will find in all the states of the United States but there are main cities highlighted as the best, an example is San Francisco where there is the oldest Chinatown including Fremont and San Mateo in the San Francisco Bay.

Another example is the city of New York where in Manhattan there are three Chinatowns, in Flushing the largest of the Chinatowns and in Brooklyn there is also a Chinatown where you will find very good restaurants with Chinese food.

Chicago also has its Chinatown since 1906 and from the Loop you can get there by water taxi to enjoy the excellence of Chinese cuisine in one of its restaurants.

In Seattle’s Chinatown International District you will find excellent Chinese restaurants as well as Vietnamese and Filipino food because it is a place where Asian cultures mix.

Keep in mind that Chinese restaurants in the United States have become accustomed to making traditional Chinese food dishes with local ingredients, focusing on the taste of Americans, but you will also find those that respect authentic Chinese flavors.

What are the numbers of Chinese food delivery?

If you need the numbers of Chinese food at home so as not to waste time and call to receive Chinese food at your door, you can contact:

Applications to order Chinese food at home

You have applications to order Chinese food at home such as:

  • Chicago-based Chowbus is an Asian food delivery app.

You can download the Chowbus App for your mobile phone with Android operating system from and for your iPhone with iOS operating system download the Chowbus App from

  • New York-based Fresh Go Go brings you Chinese food delivery to 21 US states from local Chinese restaurants.

The Fresh Go Go App for Android can be downloaded from and the Fresh Go Go App for iOS can be downloaded from https ://

To download the Weee App for Android go to

Where is Chinese food near my open?

Chinese food near me open will always be found by going to Yelp at

In Find choose Restaurants, then on the next page, in the first box type food china and you can choose to search for chinese food chinatown, food chinatown or chinese food china town.

In the second field write the location where you want to get Chinese food near me open, that is United States and the drop-down menu will open for you to choose the area and without clicking on the Search logo the system will show you the list with all the options with the ones that count

With a click on one of the options, its page will open so that you can see its exact address with the hours of operation and the highlighted Open Now so that you can make sure that it is open now.

Where do they serve the best Chinese food in the USA?

The best Chinese food in the US is served at Panda Express: 3663 Las Vegas Blvd S, Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, NV 89109-1920, a buffet-style restaurant with the best of orange chicken at affordable prices.