Buy recovered or destroyed motorcycles from insurance company

Some specialized and auto insurance companies offer comprehensive and crash coverage for motorcycles. These coverage pay for the repair or replacement of motorcycles involved in accidents, damaged by the weather or in a fire, vandalism or theft.

If the cost of repairing a motorcycle is greater than its value or if it was stolen and could not be recovered within a reasonable time, the insurance company can consider it as a total loss and pays the policyholder the current value of the motorcycle.

When this happens, insurance companies often sell damaged motorcycles or those that are recovered after they have already paid the owner of the policy. If you are looking to buy motorcycles recovered or destroyed through an insurance company, here are some steps you should take.

Visit or contact the insurance company

In Mexico, each insurance company has its own policy regarding recovered motorcycles; Some sell them directly to the public, others only to their employees, others offer auctions or send them to third-party companies specialized in the sale of these types of vehicles.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is compile a list of insurance companies that offer motorcycle policies ; Then, contact them or visit their offices and request information on the sale and auction of rescue motorcycles, as they are called.

Visit the auction site

Depending on where the insurance companies send their salvage vehicles, you must attend a local auction and bid for the vehicle, or visit the company and offer an offer.

If the vehicle was sent to an auction, you may not be able to attend, as it may only be for dealers and specialized companies. If this is the case, your option will be to get in touch with those salvage motorcycle auction and sales companies and start the process with them.

Acquire the motorcycle

Once you find a motorcycle that interests you, do the paperwork and the corresponding offer to purchase it, always keeping in mind that you will probably need additional capital to make the necessary repairs. Make sure the total amount of the vehicle (including repairs) does not exceed your budget.

Requirements to purchase a rescue motorcycle

According to the General Insurance insurer, to acquire a salvage motorcycle it is necessary to have the following requirements:

Physical person

  • Official Identification (INE, Professional ID or valid passport)
  • Proof of address of the last month (property, electricity, water or telephone)
  • Proof of Tax Status or Registration Acknowledgment
  • Fiscal ID and CURP
  • Email Address, Tel. Of, Tel. Cellular
  • Letter from an insurance company in which you participate as a buyer.
  • Deposit of $ 3,000.00 pesos to guarantee compliance.

Moral person

  • Copy of the Constitutive Act with certificate of bylaws.
  • Power of Attorney of the Legal Representative.
  • Proxy Official Identification (INE, Professional ID or valid passport)
  • Letter with the appointment of the persons authorized to bid on the auctions signed by the legal representative.
  • Proof of address of the last month (property, electricity, water or telephone)
  • Proof of Tax Status or Registration Acknowledgment
  • Fiscal ID
  • Email Address, Tel. Of, Tel. Cellular
  • Deposit of $3,500.00 pesos to guarantee compliance.

It is necessary to clarify that these requirements apply to auctions offered by Quálitas, and that as mentioned above, when each insurer has a unique policy regarding the sale and auction of destroyed and recovered motorcycles, the requirements may change. For this reason, it is advisable to request information on the purchase requirements when contacting the insurer or the auction company.

Insurers offering rescue motorcycles

  • General Insurance
  • Quálitas
  • Aztec Insurance
  • Atlas Insurance


  • Research motorcycle prices. To do this, use references such as the EBC Guide. You can also research prices on sales pages, such as MercadoLibre.
  • Companies auctions / sales and insurers can prove your financial ability to purchase a motorcycle; To do this, you can use your account statements or proof of your available credit limit.
  • Determine a budget and limit price before making any offer; This way you avoid paying too much for recovered or broken motorcycles.
  • Take taxes into account, as they could affect the final price of the motorcycle.
  • Avoid online auction sites, unless you are going to use the recovered or smashed motorcycles to sell your parts. Normally it is not possible to properly inspect these types of vehicles before buying them through online auctions.