How to write a letter of early termination of a lease

Write a lease termination letter at an important step in planning to move some rental property. Most commercial and residential tenants require that you send a formal letter of completion at least 30 days before the renewal date. Even if your contract does not require it, you should write a contract termination that highlights the important aspects of your move.

Read your lease to know when and how you are required to submit a notice of termination. Most tenants require 30 days notice, but some ask for more or less. Some tenants ask the tenant to send the notification, in writing, to a specific address.

Format your letter like any other business letter. Write your name and address in the header, date the letter and write the name and address of the owner below the date. Start your letter with a standard greeting, such as “Dear Mr. (name of owner).” Finish it with a standard ending, such as “honestly,” followed by your signature and written name.

Declare that you are terminating your contract and provide the date that makes this termination effective. Mention contract agreement. For example: “Under our lease agreement, I give you 30 days notice of my intention to terminate it. The last day of my contract will be (write the date here).”

Indicate if you are fulfilling the lease term or using an early termination clause. If you finish earlier, specify the reasons and list associated costs that you intend to pay.

Ask for a schedule to come see the house or apartment. Be present when the owner evaluates the property for damages and determines what proportion of the deposit will be returned to you. List the dates and times you will have available for this meeting.

List the date you have arranged to make the move. If you have more than one option when you chose the moving companies, provide the name of the company you are going to use so that the owner can have the service transferred instead of disconnected, if you prefer. Declare when and how you will return the keys.

If you have agreed to show the property to potential tenants, mark the dates and times during which you will be free to do so.

Provide a shipping address and ask that all future communications, including the return of your deposit, be sent to that address.


Send your letter of completion by registered mail even if it is easier to carry it by hand. This gives you proof that it was received with the required time.