Classic Car Insurance, GEICO

Maybe your car has seen more of your grandfather’s Presidential Elections, or it could have been one of the cruise cars in the American Graffiti movie. Or maybe it was sent to you from a small factory abroad in a city that most people can’t pronounce. Any way, a classic car, old motorcycle or Vietnam Jeep War requires more than one standard insurance policy.

How do I know if the classic insurance is suitable for vehicle?

You may want to get a collectible vehicle insurance quote if your car, truck or motorcycle is.

  • A new exotic car such as a Ferrari, Lotus, Lamborghini, Bentley, etc.
  • An Older Vehicle (at least the 1979 model year) That is stored safely and was not used as the primary means of transportation for
  • A new convertible car As a replica Shelby Cobra reproduction
  • A classic military vehicle, hearse, fire truck, amphicar, etc.

So why should I have a special policy?

Traditional Insurance Policies son very good to GET Do Driver’s Journal on the road something unfortunate should happen. But not always the best son in the Classification of some adj of the Unique Problems That come into play when the child is literally impossible to FIND OR THE vehicle represents a substantial financial investment. Why not get a quote for classic cars immediately?

SOME of the Main Reasons Why You Should Consider A car or motorcycle collector’s child insurance policy:

  • Vehicle Evaluation Not Required
  • Your Vehicle Will Be Covered At Agreed Value, Which Means That No Hay Depreciation In The Case Of A Claim
  • low deductibles

Sounds good what happens when I’m on board?

Once you have received your Insured Pride and Joy, you can Call (866) 760-4166 for first-class service in the America Modern Insurance® policy Group.

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