8 Best free CRM for Entrepreneurs

Knowing the benefits of the best free CRMs can be essential for small businesses and freelancers looking to be more efficient with their customers at the lowest possible cost. That is why we have prepared this list with the best free CMR software in Spanish and English.

Although choosing the best free CRM is not easy, since it depends on many factors, we will try to give an evaluation based on its benefits, so that you can have a first filter when making your final choice.

Free CRM in Spanish

With the intention of finding the best free CRM, we decided to review the most important options in this category. Before going to the crm tools we have compiled, we must clarify the promotional idea of ​​what it means to have no cost. In fact, they are usually limited versions whose functions you can expand by means of a monthly or annual license or payment.

Clarified that, Our list of free CRMs in Spanish begins with:


Created by Bitrix Inc., this free crm for entrepreneurs is distinguished as an integral solution for your business. This means that it deals with customer relationships and other important operational areas. It is listed as a business intranet that has task management, own cloud (Drive) and many functions.

It can give the feeling of being a bit complex or overwhelming because it has a wide variety of features that you may not need or find useful. Beyond the design loaded with multiple options and being in Spanish, we must mention its most noticeable advantages:

  • It includes billing modules, sales automation and sales funnel with reports.
  • It has sales team management, incoming / outgoing call records, integrated email marketing and project management with Gantt diagrams and assignment of activities.
  • The free plan supports 12 users (including admin) and a storage capacity of 5 GB.
  • Its functionality exceeds the basic utility of many CRM software that you will find in this list or in the market.

In regards to a paid version to incorporate more users and space, there are 3 plans:

  • Plus. Accept 24 users, 2 administrators, you have 24 GB and it costs you $ 39 per month.
  • Standard. It includes 50 users plus 5 administrators, 100 GB of storage and 99 monthly vouchers.
  • Professional. All categories are unlimited and are priced at 199 / month.

Visit the Bitrix24 page

Agile CRM

Another free CRM in Spanish is AgileCRM, a computer solution focused on advanced and fast operation of customers or contacts. This free version is a CRM for SMEs in the cloud that is suitable for 10 users and with which you can handle up to a thousand contacts.

Between his strengths, the following should be mentioned:

  • It has support to schedule email and track clicks.
  • It has a friendly and fast design that includes a plugin for Chrome or Gmail.
  • It includes a landing page builder that combines with the Zapier integration.
  • It has a score for potential customers and you can customize both data and processes.

This free CRM also offers you 5 GB of storage, but you must sacrifice the mobile connection. If you are looking for more functionality and space, you have other plans:

  • Beginner. For $ 8.99 a month you get 10,000 contacts, automated marketing, 3 plugins and more.
  • Regular. For $ 29.99 per month they give you 50 thousand contacts, 2 forms of telephony, 50+ plugins, among other functions.
  • Business. For $ 47.99 unlimited contacts, mobile marketing, access controls and much more.

Visit the Agile CRM website


Designed by American entrepreneurs, this free CRM suite is recommended as an easy integration option for customer or prospect management. If you do not have enough time to be comparing platforms, you want to have all your information in one place or you cannot decide, this could be a very useful alternative.

We make this statement because HubSpot is one of the most recognized brands on the planet that specializes in marketing. Through Zapier, Trello, Gmail and more, you can carry out a quick and easy integration. Among the advantages of the free version, the following stand out:

  • Various crm apps for use with mobile devices.
  • Unlimited contacts and users to whom you can add notes, review history and more.
  • You have 5 templates for email, programming and email marketing functions.
  • It includes up to 200 notifications to track in real time, 15 minutes of calls per user per month and customer rating.

Visit the Hubspot website


Unlike the other CRM suites, the vTiger has the particularity of being a publicly licensed open source system that anyone can obtain and modify at their convenience. This does not necessarily mean that you should know how to program, just that you have this possibility. It is a cloud-based software that has multi-user capability.

This CRM for entrepreneurs or SMEs is loaded with at least 20 modules to take advantage of the best of its technology. With intuitive design and easy to master in a short time, it has a flexibility that allows you to use only the functions that serve to fulfill your purposes. Other highlights of this platform are:

  • It is available for any operating system. This CRM software only needs an internet connection and a browser (the cloud version). You can add it to Windows, iOS, Android, Linux or any other OS that you have installed on your computer or mobile device.
  • It includes a client / server solution. This means that the operations you are performing at any given time on your machine or mobile phone are being replicated on a server located in the network. This allows you to serve your customers and develop your business model without interrupting your activities.
  • It has simple modules to adapt. Most vTiger functions are customizable. It doesn’t matter if it’s sales and purchase orders, claims support, leads management and more.
  • Receive constant updates. The team behind this solution adjusts to the feedback it receives from users. This translates into continuous improvements to meet the needs of those who use it.

If you are looking for more advanced functionality, you can opt for your cloud version payment plans:

  • Professional. For $ 25.5 per month per account, you get sales inbox, meeting schedule, lead score, sales process management, among other functions.
  • Business. With a price of $ 37.5 per user per month, you get extended functionality that also includes invoicing, reporting, quotation approvals and more.

Vtiger Open Source free version

What is the best free crm in Spanish?

The answer may not be entirely satisfactory, but much will depend on the specific needs of your business and how you can adapt the functionality of the crm software to the objectives set within the business model.

To provide an unbiased perspective, these 4 CRM suites in Spanish in the cloud They are presented as quite complete platforms considering that they are free versions. With regard to functionality, the decision may well be inclined towards HubSpot or Bitrix24. Both are very popular options that have stood out for the quality of their services for customer management.

If we focus on the ease of use, adaptability and modules available for actions related to customer relationship management, we would focus on HubSpot and its 3 specialized hubs. As for general functionality that can be extended to other areas of the company, Bitrix24 is presented as a more complete solution than the previous one.

As for Vtiger, its paid version in the cloud is one of the most complete in the market. But if what we are looking for is a free crm solution, installing its open source version will give us more headaches in the future. Why? its open source version will be directly installed on your computer, as another program. So it will take up space, consume resources and will be more costly when installing new updates. While this cloud crm software will be constantly updated automatically, you can use it from any computer with an internet connection and it will not consume resources from your cpu.

Free CRM software in English

In our comparison of the best free CRMs, we also have to refer to the options in English, which are the most abundant. If the fact that the program is not in your language is not an inconvenience, here is where to choose. In this selection we have included several free crm that stand out for their benefits:


The current information we have about Flowlu indicates that it is not listed as specialized CRM software. This is because it is more focused on the integral management of projects and management of activities within their work environment. In fact, it has several additional modules, among which the customer relationship management.

This aspect of this free computing solution is characterized by a basic operation that does not allow a more active search or tracking and is only available for 2 users. Nor does it allow you to import your customer database, which makes it difficult to use immediately. The most relevant of this solution, we can summarize it like this:

  • Collaboration tools module, such as internal messaging and instant messages.
  • Finance management module, which includes a series of tools to improve cash flow.
  • CRM module, focused on increasing sales to compete with more recognized companies.
  • Project streamlining module, intended for each team member to fulfill their assignments on time.

Among the paid options you can try at no cost for 14 days, you have 3 active plans and one that remains to be launched:

  • Team. For a price of $ 29 per month, you can operate with 8 users and get templates, multiple sales funnels, extended calendar, access control and more.
  • Business. With a cost of $ 59 per month, it is possible to include 16 users and you can use functions such as custom fields, recurring receipts, duplicate control for CRM, time tracking, among others.
  • Professional. Designed for 25 users, this version costs you $ 119 per month. It stands out for its extended reports, unlimited companies, unlimited history lists and other functions.

Visit the Flowlu website

Cap crm

This CRM suite for English speakers can be considered as a fairly limited version with respect to the others that make up both lists. This is because the free plan only serves 2 users, 250 contacts and you have 10 MB per account. In this sense, it is recommended to test its functionality in order to assess a paid plan.

The Capsule CRM is widely recognized, especially for its cost alternatives, which have more complete functionality:

  • Professional. Suitable for small groups, it has cases, sales opportunities and unlimited follow-up. With a value of $ 18 per month per user, this version allows you to handle 50 thousand contacts and 10 GB per account. You can also use it for free for 30 days.
  • Teams. Recommended for growing businesses, this plan costs $ 36 per month per user and you can try it for free for 30 days. It includes the same unlimited categories, management of 100 thousand contacts and space per account of 20 GB.

In addition, this customer relationship management platform has email marketing integration through MPZ Mail, MailChimp, Mad Mini and E-Goih and 33 other applications.
Visit Capsule CRM

The personal crm

For those who need a simple and practical CRM software, there is the Follow Up Personal, an alternative designed for those lonely entrepreneurs They want to manage their contacts through Gmail. The detail about this option is in the limitations presented by the free plan for companies seeking greater functionality.

The main advantage of this system is that most are familiar with Gmail and its different applications. With this free CRM, reminders about customers or contacts are limited (10) and there is no way to view sales funnels. It is a simple program with a friendly interface that offers you 5 events, 10 follow-ups, unlimited notes and bidirectional synchronization.

If you want to expand the functions of this computing solution, there are 2 paid plans:

  • Professional. At a cost of $ 23 per month, you get 100 events, 200 reminders, unlimited notes and contacts, email tracking, custom fields and more.
  • Executive. For $ 36 per month, you get the same as with the professional version, but in a limited way. This allows managing the relationship with customers quickly, easily and in an environment that everyone knows.

Visit The personal CRM


Similar to the previous one, the free crm Streak is designed to manage clients and contacts for those who use Gmail as a communications center. It has the ease that you can integrate emails into Google, which speeds up tracking operations and prevents you from having to be exporting information from other sites.

It can only be managed in English, so mastering its functions can be a bit complicated at the beginning. To accelerate the learning curve, you have several tutorials on how it works that you can take advantage of. Among its most notable benefits, it is worth mentioning:

  • Designed to work with common tools. If you are using Gmail most of the time, Streak further favors the use of the inbox and its different functions. It also includes the G Suite integrations to manage information in an agile way and has support for desktop computers and mobile devices.
  • Autopilot for sales funnel. This CRM software allows you to automatically capture the information of your contacts and emails. In addition, it includes constant progress reminders so you don’t miss the evolution of a prospectus and can schedule the corresponding follow-up activities.
  • It facilitates teamwork. In order to speed up the efficiency of the group, you can share emails, call logs and comments automatically. This functionality enables access to sales funnel data for all, giving you the appropriate context for each customer or situation.

Together with the free personal plan, this platform offers you 2 paid versions:

  • Professional. A solution that adapts to all kinds of businesses for $ 49 per user per year. You get activity list, custom visualizations, advanced reports, 900 integrations with Zapier and more.
  • Enterprise. Available for $ 129 per year for each user, this option is indicated for companies that are looking for greater depth. That is why it offers you mandatory fields, configurable permissions, full access to the API, customized reports, among other functions.

Visit Streak

What is the best free CRM software on this list?

Saying which is the best free CRM is a complicated matter, since it will depend on the needs of your project:

If you are a lonely entrepreneur who wants to use the crm for business contacts through email, would use streak or follow up, since its implementation and use are very simple (remember, through gmail).

If you are going to use it for the same purpose as the previous ones, but you have a team, maybe Hubspot and Bixtrix would be the most suitable options. Being crm software in the cloud, the only thing you will have to do in the future, if you want scale your team, is to switch to a paid version based on the number of users.

Finally, another special consideration is to know what Customer Relations Manager It adapts better to your business model. For example, if you are a digital entrepreneur who wants to make sales through your website, through inobound marketing; I recommend Hubspot, since apart from the traditional CRM modules it has others such as the Marketing Hub, which will allow you to create sales funnels for visitors to your website or blog.

As a last resort, The decision on which is the best free CRM for your business will depend on which functions best align with your business purposes. Even if you don’t have time to try them all, we hope this information will guide you in your choice of the best customer relationship management platform with the greatest potential to grow your business.