Do you expect twins? Tips for a healthy pregnancy

They are two babies! They have told you that your pregnancy is multiple, and you feel overwhelmed by the news. Here we are going to give you some very useful tips for both your health and that of your babies.

  • Health is first. You should make sure you are eating healthy and that you stay well hydrated, since the nutritional needs are different when you are pregnant with twins. Also, although without obsessing, you must listen to your body, do not ignore some symptoms such as cramps and bleeding.
  • Expect more pain and discomfort. With a twin pregnancy, the uterus grows twice and the abdomen twice as fast, so it is normal to feel back pain and pain in the round ligament. As of week 25, the discomfort will increase. With extra weight, especially in the cervix and pelvis, it may be necessary to reduce work hours or even have to rest.
  • More visits to the doctor. After week 30, the doctor will probably perform ultrasounds every week to make sure that amniotic fluid levels are adequate and that babies are growing well.
  • Seek help Mothers of twins or twins are more likely to have moderate or severe symptoms of postpartum depression than mothers who have a single child.
  • Prepare for a delivery before week 40. How many more babies come, the sooner delivery occurs.
  • Positive attitude. Although most babies born after week 34 do not have to go through the neonatal intensive care unit, your babies may need special care when they are born. It is important to make sure that the hospital you are going to visit has a neonatal ICU.
  • Once you have the babies, the most important thing is to have a routine.
  • The sooner you get the babies to have the same feeding and sleeping schedule, the easier it will be. In the first days, it is advisable that if one of the babies wakes up to eat, you also wake up the other so that their schedules begin to synchronize.
  • lot of patience required.

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