Do you want your paycheck sooner? The 4 banks that offer you direct deposit two days in advance

There are more and more banks in the United States that offer to advance the direct deposit of your paycheck up to two days before, in addition to offering you other benefits, especially online banking companies.

Many workers who work in a company in the United States have their pay days insured. There are banks that could advance your direct deposit, up to two days before, if you receive your salary in one of the banks that we present here.

Early direct deposit is the service that some banking companies in the United States offer their clients so that they receive their salary days before the typical deposit date. At times when dollars are not enough due to inflation, this function could be beneficial so that you have a little money ahead of time and thus you can cover your needs at the end of the month.

Be careful, just keep in mind that now you will have to manage yourself better, because you could run out of money even sooner in the following months.

These are the 4 US banks that give you advance direct deposit.

1. Wealthfront

Wealthfront is an investment platform that has its own Cash Account, where it offers you to manage your money online. In this account, in addition to obtaining 3.30% annual yield (APY), it has the early deposit function that guarantees you get your paychecks up to 48 hours before a usual direct deposit.

The timing of direct deposit ultimately depends on your payroll service at work. You can get your direct deposit early, because your paycheck can arrive in your bank account as early as 6:00 am (PST), up to two days before your typical payday. If the direct deposit date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, it will arrive in your bank account the next business day.

If we consider that this account offers you a return, not only can you have funds sooner, you have the possibility of your money growing longer.

You can open your Wealthfront cash account with as little as $1. You can use any of Wealthfront’s 19,000 free ATMs to access your paycheck.

2. Axos

Axos Bank is a completely digital bank, which in your essential checking account (Essential Checking), offers you a safe and convenient early direct deposit system to receive your paycheck up to two days before. The Direct Deposit Express feature bypasses the typical bank retention period, so you don’t have to wait to access your money.

Why is the direct deposit feature possible? Because regularly company payment notifications are sent up to two days before the standard period. This means that Axos avoids the wait between deposit and receipt, allowing your client to access their funds immediately.

3. LendingClub

In order for you to receive your paycheck before any of your co-workers, you have to do two things : one, open an account with LendingClub Bank; and two, sign up for their early direct deposit feature.

This account offers you an annual rate of return of 3.25% APY, so not only can you receive your money early, you also make it grow more than with traditional bank accounts. As if that were not enough, you can get unlimited cash back with your LendingClub Bank debit card and withdraw your money at free ATMs around the world.

LendingClub Bank at one of the first banking institutions to offer early direct deposits, mobile payments and a rewards app.

4. Chime

One of the features most loved by consumers and for which Chime has quadrupled its profits is thanks to its intuitive direct deposit system. To set up this feature, you must make sure that your employer gives you your paycheck in direct deposit, so that Chime’s system transfers it to you immediately, up to two days before your regular pay date.

Chime has opened a market in a social group snubbed by traditional institutions: young people and middle-class people. In the checking account you also get Chime SpotMe, with which you can overdraw your account up to $200 without penalty. So, not only can you receive your check sooner, if you also finish it sooner, you can still use borrowed funds with no extra charges other than interest.