Hardware – Definition, what it is and concept

A hardware is made up of all the physical parts that make up a computer, those that can be touched in the first instance.

The hardware originated before the software, and it was Konrad Zuse in 1960 who managed to build a computer that worked correctly. From there is when you start talking about hardware.

A computer has become an essential element, especially following the boom of Internet and the new technologies. A software is responsible for giving a series of guidelines, which are executed by the hardware.

What are the components of a hardware?

These are the most prominent:

  • Motherboard It is a fundamental part of the computer, without its existence it would be impossible for it to work. The other components are connected to it so that it can function properly.
  • Processor. Its main mission is to run the operating system, other applications, and various components that are included in a computer.
  • HDD. Its function is to store and save all the information that exists. There are SSD, SATA, and SAS hard drives. The former are the fastest, the latter are slower, but they can store a large amount of data, and the latter are durable, but more expensive.
  • Power supply. Its main task is to convert alternating current into continuous so that the computer can function optimally since it needs a source with great power.
  • Graphic card. It is located on the motherboard, and its main mission is to process the data and display it on the computer, such as images that can be seen on the screen. This is possible is thanks to its function.
  • RAM. A fundamental piece since it includes all the pertinent instructions with which the processor works. Keep in mind that the larger the memory available to the computer, the better they can be carried out, and faster processes, and applications.
  • Box. Also called chassis, and is the support in which all components are included. That way they are protected and arranged safely so that they work properly.
  • Heatsinks Temperature is another issue to consider in computers, and it is these who are responsible for it. The most used to perform this function are: air, which are small fans, liquid, here the option is to work with a closed circuit with water that cools the system, passive, which is characterized by the inclusion of blades.
  • Additional devices: For example, the mouse, the keyboard, speakers, etc.

All these elements are what make up the hardware, a key piece in any computer so that it works correctly. They are perfectly tangible electrical or mechanical elements, and they are also capable of being replaced or changed if their operation is not adequate.

Actions such as sending documents, transferring files, viewing images on the screen, surfing the internet, or carrying out other tasks are possible thanks to the hardware function.