Webmaster – Definition, what it is and concept

The webmaster is the professional responsible for the creation, development and maintenance of a website.

The webmaster has gained notoriety with the technology revolution and the growth of Internet.

Almost all companies have a Web because they have realized the need to show their products, and services to users to make them known and improve their sales.

The competition in the markets, and at the digital level is enormous, that is why the figure of the webmaster is very requested since it is the one that is responsible for carrying out the creation, coordination and maintenance of this type of pages.

What are the functions of the webmaster?

These are its most outstanding functions:

  • It is the highest authority and has full responsibility for the proper functioning of a website.
  • He is in charge of directing the web creation team if there is one, as well as all the technical aspects of it, such as choosing the hosting, domain, content and design.
  • Represents the team leader, and his figure is essential to successfully implement a website.
  • You must have optimal knowledge of page creation programs, of web design trends, of programming languages, such as WordPress, PHP and HTML.
  • You also have to choose the hosting and the domain more suitable for a page to have a name according to the brand, in addition to running with a certain speed.
  • SEO optimization is another thing you need to know and carry out in terms of creating a website. You should consider the keywords, and search trends that exist in google.
  • Security is another of the things that are essential, you will have to be able to avoid spam, viruses and any type of malicious digital agent that threatens this.
  • The design is also another thing that you must consider to make it a usable site, and easy to navigate.

A webmaster must be continuously updated, and be up to date with all the digital tools that exist and appear to perform their work correctly.

Featured tools that a webmaster should know

These are the most prominent:

  • WordPress, a widely used option for creating pages.
  • Google Drive, to be able to store files.
  • Landing Optimizer, to optimize and run a web with speed.
  • Website speed test, serves to test the speed of a website.
  • Plugins, the option to add this type of elements to the web to give them the functionalities that it requires.
  • Google Adwords, important to have knowledge of its operation to carry out payment campaigns on google to improve the advertising of the page, and to access the top positions.
  • Google Analytics, another important tool to know the statistics of a page on Google, and see how it works, the users who visit it, from where these visits arise, the most outstanding actions on it, among other options.

These are some of the most outstanding tools that this professional should know, and always be attentive to the latest digital trends to create websites that meet their goal and have a great performance.