How it works and how to use WeTransfer step by step

If you have to share files With a colleague, family member or friend, you may have encountered capacity problems from your email, but you can always use tools that, in addition to being effective, are easy to use. Let’s see next, a step guide in which we explain How it works and how to use WeTransfer.

WeTransfer is a free service for exchange files by email up to 2 GB without taking up space and also offers additional options in terms of security if you buy the version Plus, which has a small additional cost of 12 euros a month, but it guarantees more security and it will also allow you to send files up to 20GB.

How it works and how to use WeTransfer

  1. Using WeTransfer is pretty easy. It is enough that you visit the site ( and accept the terms to immediately access its functions.
  2. A small window will allow you to choose one or more files. (click “Add your files”), up to a maximum of 2 GB, which will be uploaded to the WeTransfer servers.
  3. At this point, you should simply enter the email address of your recipients (in «Send email to»), up to 20, your address (in «Your email») and, optionally, a message (in «Message»).
  4. To share the file, just wait for the files to load and then press «Send«.
  5. Please note that in the free version WeTransfer does not offer encryption and therefore data exchanged during upload and download is potentially exposed if they are uploaded from a shared or public network (but you can always send a password protected file).
  6. With WeTransfer you can potentially send any type of file, not just images. For more comfort, remember that you can combine several files into a single zip file, so you don’t have to load them one by one.

Receive and download WeTransfer files

  1. If, on the contrary, you are on the other side, or in the recipient’s place, the moment someone shares a file with you with WeTransfer, you will receive a very simple email, with the sender’s address, the final message and, obviously, the link to download shared files.
  2. In this regard, It is worth noting that these will not remain available indefinitely, but WeTransfer will automatically remove them after 7 days.

WeTransfer for Android and iOS

  1. Now that we have explained how WeTransfer works, you will be able to send any type of file to your contacts, but also the service It is available for mobile devices, although it is better to use it through its application for both Android and iOS.
  2. You must know, however, that The mobile version of WeTransfer will only be used to send photos and videos from your smartphone. But if this is more than enough for you, it can be an interesting tool that will allow you to save time when sharing the mentioned file type.