How to Clean a Hamster’s Eyes Correctly

Adopt a pet, be it a dog, a cat, a hamster or a little bird, necessarily implies a constant care that guarantees that it is always well. In the case of hamsters, they are somewhat more independent animals, although this does not mean that from time to time it requires that we take specific care of them. Let’s see next, a step guide in which we explain How to Clean a Hamster’s Eyes.

Let’s never forget that hamsters are particularly small animals, so we have to be more careful considering that they are a little more delicate than large animals. These are animals that usually have a fairly developed own hygiene, but from time to time you will notice that it has bugs or dirt in the eyes so you should always wash them properly. If the hamster’s eye hygiene is not carried out correctly, over time, our pet may develop diseases such as conjunctivitis it could cause blindness so let’s see now how to proceed.

Steps to clean a hamster’s eyes

  1. The Causes which can lead to the need for clean hamster eyes (and of any other animal) are the most disparate. In general, especially if the animal is placed in a place with drafts, the situation of find eyes covered in yellow pus that, when cleaned, it becomes a scab that will prevent our pet from opening its eye or, in fact, from seeing well. In this case, very little will be needed to solve this “problem”. All you have to do is use slightly moistened gauze.
  2. It is important always follow the same direction when cleaning the eyes, thus removing all dirt and trying to change the side of the gauze.
  3. Once an eye has been cleaned, the area around it will dry carefully and then you will have to do the same with the other eye.
  4. Another way to clean a hamster’s eyes correctly and without hurting him is with a Chamomile infusion. We make the infusion and when it has cooled, moisten in it a cotton swab for the ears.
  5. With the stick you remove the scab, pus or any dirt you see in the eye of your little pet and then carefully dry with the help of gauze.
  6. If you notice that the state of the eye does not improve, you should have the vet check the little one. In addition, to avoid future infections or discomfort in the hamster’s eyes, also use substratum or a hygienic bed that does not release dust and a good cleaning of the hamster’s accessories.