How to harden artificial flowers with plaster of Paris

If you like creative crafts to escape what is always done, we want to offer you today a step guide for your information How to harden artificial flowers and in this way you can create all kinds of decorative elements that will undoubtedly surprise you.

If you have artificial flowers at home that you no longer use, or that they look somewhat destroyed, you can create with them a beautiful centerpiece or an original decorative element, thanks to the fact to be able to harden them using a little special plaster. If you follow the steps that we are going to list below, You’ll get those old flowers to now serve as one of the most spectacular decorations of all.

Steps to harden artificial flowers

If you want to be able to harden artificial or plastic flowers, you will mainly need a single fundamental element which is none other than Plaster of Paris. This type of plaster is a kind of white chalk that you can buy in craft stores, with which to create different decorative elements or also to mold. Let’s see then how to proceed next:

  1. The proportions, to work with this type of plaster must be 2:1 So you will need two cups of plaster of Paris (sometimes also called cooked plaster) for a cup of water. In this way you will make the compound more liquid thus allowing greater penetration and infiltration of the product into the various petals of the flowers that you want to harden.
  2. After preparing the mixture in a large bowl, take the plastic flowers as is, that is, without cutting the stem.
  3. At this point, you have to dip the flowers one by one in the container. In this way, you take a flower, put it in the plaster and the water and you make slight twisting movements so that it soaks well.
  4. You must cover each petal of the compound and obtain the most homogeneous result possible.
  5. Once you have thoroughly soaked the flower, you can take it out and at this point, you can Shake it a bit so that the superfluous mixture drips off the excess plaster.
  6. Leave the flower in a cool place so it can dry. Make sure that it is not on a surface with papers or newspapers as these could get stuck.
  7. Repeat the same action with the rest of the flowers that you have to harden.
  8. Once it has dried, you can for example Create a nice centerpiece by placing the hardened flowers in a vase.
  9. Another idea is to cut the stems and use the flowers to create a base that stick to a jar, a candle or a mirror for example.
  10. On the other hand, you can also paint the flowers so that they are much more beautiful wherever you decide to place them.