How to grow mango from seed step by step

One of the most precious exotic fruits is the mango And although you think that it is practically impossible to grow it successfully, the truth is that we can achieve it if we have one of its seeds and even do it in a pot. Let’s see below a guide of steps to know How to grow mango from seed.

The mango it’s a fruit exotic, as a result of the homonymous tropical tree of the India, but what we can grow at home, trying above all to be in a warm area and following steps quite similar to those we have to follow to grow similar fruits such as avocado. Let’s see then how to do it in pots, from the seed inside the mango.

Steps to grow mango from seed

First of all you have to know that the seasons that are warmer, spring and summer, are the most suitable for planting. The mango tree that will be born will have to protect yourself from the cold during winter, removing it to internal spaces, as in the case of lemon trees. Now let’s see the steps to follow.

  1. The first thing we need is the seed, that we will have to extract from the fruit of the mango. If you have bought fresh mangoes, then you should save one of these stones.
  2. Clean the bone well so you can remove all the pulp.
  3. Now you will have to try to open the outside of the bone in order to extract the seed that we are going to sow. The operation may require several attempts and a little force. Slowly, carefully, and with the help of a knife, you should be able to make a crack that allows youto open the outer layer and extract the seed inside it. The size of the seed can vary depending on the size of the fruit.
  4. Now the phase in which you will need be careful with the germination of the seeds. Once the seed has been removed from the shell, moisten a paper napkin, put the seed in half and wrap it with the rest of the napkin.
  5. At this point, it is necessary to put the seed wrapped by the wet napkin in a waterproof and transparent bag. For example, you could use one of those bags to store food in the freezer.
  6. Place the bag next to a window, in a well-lit area.
  7. Before you can plant the seed in a pot with soil, it needs to sprout. It can be necessary a couple of weeks In this regard. The plastic bag should be opened and the napkin removed from the mango seed. In the event that mold has formed, the seed should be discarded. If the seed is in good condition, transfer it to a pot filled with soil, enriched with homemade compost, paying attention not to spoil the shoots and roots.
  8. You must bury the concave part of the seed about 2.5 cm deep approximately. The floor must be damp and the container should be kept in a warm and shady place until the outbreak flares up, something that will take two to three weeks.
  9. To obtain fruits, it is recommended to wait for the plant to start growing and then move it to a sunny area of ​​the garden so the tree can grow.
  10. During the first year of life, it will be useful toadd natural fertilizer once a month, combining it with hot water. In the first week of life, it should regularly water two tablespoons of water a day, to then decrease over time and reach once or twice a week in the first year. The weeds must be eradicated regularlyBut to prevent its spread, it will be enough to add a thin layer of mulch that will help the soil retain moisture. In autumn, after the fruit season, it will be necessary to cut the branches 2.5 cm from the trunk and eliminate those that are too tall or wide.