How StubHub Works

Founded in 2000, StubHub is a secondary online seller of tickets for sports and entertainment events. Buying and selling tickets on the site takes only a few steps.

Sell tickets

Sellers list their available tickets and set their price on the site. The seller determines the price, which means that the cost to the buyer may be greater or less than the nominal value of the ticket.

Looking for tickets

Ticket buyers review the site’s list of sports and entertainment events to find the one they are interested in. The buyer can review the stadium and theater maps to determine how many tickets are available for each section and at what cost. The price information also appears on a per-ticket basis.

Buy and receive tickets

Buyers can buy tickets through credit card or PayPal account. They are then sent either by mail, package delivery service or, in some cases, can be downloaded and printed from a local desktop computer for a small fee.


StubHub requires the creation of a user account before purchasing tickets. The account information includes the name, address, email and password of the new account. A user agreement and privacy policy must be reviewed and accepted before an account can be created.

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