How to Address a Manila Envelope

Mailing a manila envelope is one thing many people don’t think twice about. Imagine, however, your boss’s reaction if he missed important business documents or missed a deadline has already been turned to the envelope in reverse. It can happen, especially if you rush through the process or don’t know the guidelines set by the United States Postal Service. There is an art to tackling a manila envelope. If taken granted, there can be serious consequences.

How to Mail a Manila Envelope


Use the correct address

The USPS has zip codes for each state. If you’re not sure, it’s worth checking with your local post office instead of guessing. For example, “AK” is the abbreviation for Alaska and not Arkansas, which stands for “ar”. Michigan uses “MI” not from Minnesota, it uses “MN”. It can be confusing if you are from another part of the country.

Choose a pen or permanent marker

Don’t just grab the first writing instrument you can find. A pencil can get erased if it rains. Fine-tip pens can smudge and markers can run. Take the extra minute to find a reliable pen.

Write the delivery address in the middle of the envelope

The address should have three or four lines total. The person’s name is on the first line followed by their business on the second line. The third line contains the street address. The fourth line includes the city, state, and zip code.

Write your address in the upper left corner

This is important if the envelope is lost or unknown. Use the same format as the delivery address. Some people put the return address on the back over manila. The USPS, however, recommends putting the return address on the same side as the delivery address.

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