How to buy double width mobile homes

Trailers or mobile homes are usually known as manufactured homes. These houses have the characteristic of being prefabricated and following a different building code than those built in their location site. A double-wide mobile home is twice the width of a regular mobile home. They are two units connected side by side. These houses originally started approximately 8 feet (2.44 m) wide, but increased to 10 feet wide (3 m), and then to 12 feet (3.66 m). Some regular mobile homes are more than 12 feet wide, but most double-wide homes are 24 feet (7.32 m) wide.

Get financing. When you buy any type of house, whether manufactured, traditional or mobile, it is very likely that you need to get a loan. Go to a bank and get approval by providing your financial information, such as Form W-2 (in the United States), prior tax return files and copies of your public service payments; The bank will probably verify your credit. Get a loan approval from the bank before you go shopping so you know your limits. Inform the bank that you are trying to buy a manufactured house in case the lender has some special rules concerning these types of houses.

Decide where you are going to locate your double width mobile home. You can place your house on land that you already own or plan to buy, or settle in a park for mobile homes (where you will have to pay rent for the land, which may include the costs of public services). Make sure you find a space that can accommodate a double-width mobile home. The parks could have limited land capacity for these homes because of the space they occupy.

Find the double width house that you like. You can find them by going to a real estate agency but you can also go directly to the manufacturer. Many manufacturers have exhibition parks for buyers. A seller can tell you the options and costs. The process is similar to buying a car except you’ll have to wait for them to build your house.

Select the features for your mobile home. If you are buying a new house directly from the manufacturer, you can choose from a wide variety of options: Household appliances, bath tubs, walk-in closet, fireplaces, cabinet, platforms, and lining material and color. Regular mobile homes have roughly the same options as double wide ones, but one of these can fit more. Instead of a small kitchen you can get a full kitchen with all the appliances you want.