How to find the tax identification number of a plot

A parcel tax number, also called the appraiser’s parcel number or cadastral reference, is a unique number that identifies each piece of real estate property. It is used by the tax assessor of the property to establish the tax value of a given property and then calculate the amount to be taxed in the income statement. When you receive a document of ownership or deed of a property, it is necessary that it be accompanied by a tax identification number. It is easy to find this number.

Look at the receipt of the Property Tax or the Property Tax you receive from your city hall or regional office. The account number or the identifier of the parcel shown on the receipt is the fiscal number of the parcel.

Check the documents you received when buying the property. You may find a parcel tax identification number or parcel property number written in legal documents, such as deed of trust, deed of sale or deed of statutory guarantee.

Go to the website of your local or provincial tax agency if necessary. Find a link to do a property search, such as “Maps of advisers”, “Plot search”, “Property valuation” or “Property search”. If required, read the terms of the disclaimer and Copyright, and accept them by clicking on the image or link provided to you. Proceed until you reach the page where you can search either by address of the property, plot number or name of the owner. If you don’t know the page of your local or provincial tax agency, look it up online. You can also go to the Real Marketing page to help you find links to consultants by state.

Enter the address of the property, with the name and number of the street and the city. You can also enter the owner’s full name if the option is offered. Click on “Send” or “Search”. You will be shown information about the property, such as the tax account number or the identification of the plot, which is also known as the tax identification number of the plot.

Visit or call the tax information office of your city or province if necessary. Ask them if they can give you the tax identification number of the plot you are looking for. If so, provide the address of the property or the name of the owner.