How to communicate with TD Bank

TD Bank is one of the banks that offers to serve you in several languages, in addition to English, and one of them is Spanish. We tell you how you can contact them in this way.

TD Bank is a national bank of the United States, whose subsidiary is the multinational TD Banck Group. Its operations are located mainly on the east coast of the country, in 15 states, and Washington. It is one of the largest financial institutions in the nation, in fact, it is among the top 10 located in this territory.

It has more than 1,300 branches and has an extensive network of ATMs. One of its pluses is that its hours are outside the traditional banking service in the United States, that is, you can go to carry out your transactions on weekends. It also allows you to use your debit card abroad and will not charge you any additional fees for it.

Another of their great benefits is that they offer services in different languages, including Spanish, something that is very useful for Latinos living in the United States.

Your Customer Service phone number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the phone number for TD Bank in Spanish?

If what you want is for a Customer Service telephone agent to take your call in Spanish, what you should do is dial: 1-888-751-9000 . In this same number you will find the service in English.

You can dial from your landline or local phone or from your cell phone and they will give you a menu, with which you can mark the language of your preference. Not only can they serve you in English and Spanish, they also provide service in Mandarin, Arabic, Italian, French and 100 other languages. From what you see, their offer is too big in terms of the language with which they assist their clients.

Now, if you need your service to be much more personalized and focused on a specific activity, then you should dial the following phone numbers:

  • Assistance and questions about TD Wealth: 1-866-235-1248.
  • Assistance and questions about TD Go Card: 1-855-219-8050.
  • Assistance and questions about TD Ameritrade: 1-800-400-3603.
  • Assistance and questions about TD Connect Card: 1-888-568-7130.
  • Assistance and questions about credit cards: TD Bank: 1-888-562-8861.
  • Assistance and questions about Cross-Border Banking: 1-877-700-2913.
  • Assistance and questions about lines of credit and Home Equity Loans: 1-800-815-6849.
  • Assistance and questions about how to obtain a mortgage loan: 1-866-325-4516.

If what you are looking for is for a telephone agent to take your call, then, once you have selected the language of your preference, which in this case is Spanish, you must dial 0# and wait on the line. With this code, you are indicating that you expect one of your advisors who speak Spanish to take your call.