How to find ATMs that do not charge you extra fees in the US

So that an ATM does not charge you any extra charges, you must use the one of your financial institution or one that is part of the network.

Although people can spend in most places with a card, either credit or debit, there are certain places that do or do need to be loaded with cash. That is why the urgency of finding an ATM can be important, especially one where you are not charged any fee for withdrawing cash. How can you find ATMs near you?

Withdrawing cash from an ATM that is not from your bank can cost you a fee that will vary between $2 and $5, nationwide. If you do it abroad, the rates will be higher.

So if you want to avoid these fees, you have to locate ATMs that are within your banking network, that is, that remain with your financial institution or have an agreement with it.

The search is actually very simple to perform, since almost all banks have their own ATM locators, so all you have to do is go to their website or mobile application, there it will display all the information you need.

It will make it easier if you use the following tools.

Google Maps

All you have to do is put the name of your bank in the search engine and it will display the options closest to your location. This means that when a bank branch locates you, it will detail the services that you can find in it.

Use the bank’s website

All banks in the United States have their own website, in which a locator is integrated so that you can find both the nearest branch and the ATMs that are closest to where you are.

Use the mobile app

It works the same way as bank websites. You can search by zip code and it will display the closest ATMs to your location.

Find out if your bank is part of a surcharge-free ATM network

This is because some financial institutions have fee-free ATM agreements that customers can use without much trouble. You can investigate by calling or going to the branch of your choice.