How to free update the winter version of FIFA 20

For FIFA 20 lovers it is time to perform a necessary update. The winter market has brought some changes that this game should incorporate as quickly as possible, in addition to some unexpected cards. Performing the free update is easier than it seems, we just need to follow a few necessary steps. Playing this application should be as close as possible to reality, updating the application only takes a few minutes and is now available to all those who have FIFA 20.

Steps to free update the winter version of FIFA 20

Link account to Twitch Prime will give FIFA 20 users the opportunity to do a necessary winter update. In addition, they can get the Ultimate Tea envelopes and some other surprises. In order to do the pairing correctly, four necessary steps must be followed.

  1. Amazon Prime is the one that will help us link the account correctly. Having Twitch Prime linked to Amazon Prime is the first of the steps to get the updates and surprises of this version of FIFA 20.
  2. Not only with Amazon Prime is the link made, but the EA Sports account is also the other that will go into action. The creator of this game cannot be left behind and is the one that must also be linked to Twitch.
  3. With the second step, the rewards will come. Little extras from EA Sports will offer us when the above two steps have occurred. In this way, the brand and the players enjoy a direct connection that has a prize.
  4. Twich Primer is the application form where we will claim the reward. This option should appear in the upper right corner.
  5. When the reward appears it’s time to choose from several options. The most interesting is the winter update that can bring with it a new card to create the ultimate Ultimate Team.

Enjoy these special updates to the fullest with FIFA 20, with these steps you will get the reward you need to win.