How to make easy crafts for Carnival 2020

The crafts are fantastic for many special moments, including Carnival, since being able to make your own accessories or costumes without spending much more money on buying them made. Today we show you some easy crafts for carnival 2020, all of them very useful and that can be the perfect touch for any carnival look.

Children love to dress up, so Carnival is one of the times of the year that they like the most, the most special for them. That is why they will enjoy much more if they make their own accessories, accessories and costumes.

3 easy crafts for Carnival 2020


Doing them is very simple. Just draw or download any template to print it and decorate to taste according to the design you want for the mask. You can make a basic design and print it several times to create different masks and have one for each day, or for each member of the family.

More expensive

Yesterday we showed you how to make Carnival masks, and the truth is that it is very simple, so much so that with a balloon, newspaper, glue and paint you can already have a couple of masks fully customized so that they fit perfectly into your costume.


Wigs are another of the accessories that are most used in Carnival, without a doubt a basic to give a very fun look to the costume. Get a shower or swimming cap and glue on it all the decoration that will form your wig, for example strips of coloured paper, strips of coloured garbage bags … take your imagination and you can get really original results.