How to prepare a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day

How to prepare a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day? There are many ideas that we can think about, since it is not only important the menubut also the table decoration and the atmosphere we get, so follow our advice and you will surely have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day dinner.

How to prepare a romantic dinner for Valentine’s Day

The celebration of valentine is just around the corner so you can think now about the romantic dinner that you can prepare at home. A much more intimate plan than going out to dinner at a restaurant and for which to prepare details how a very cold bottle of wine, a good menu and the best decor of all.

About him menu, we have to say that although you will be able to find countless appropriate recipes for this day, it is better than bet on cooking something that you know works out for you or in fact, it is your speciality, so you can be sure of the result and calmly face the preparation. If you don’t know what to do, you can choose for example fish dishes they are perfect like him carpaccio and tartar Accompanied by seasonal salads enriched with shellfish or the inevitable oysters, to which aphrodisiac qualities are attributed. If you like them, then they cannot be missing at the table.

On the other hand, there will be nothing like starting your Valentine’s dinner with a good cocktail and for this, we have some of the best, in this post that we prepare in a special way for this day.

In the decor from the table, less is better. On Valentine’s Day, the details they are also important, but it is better to be careful not to overdo it! All red or excess hearts will not serve to decorate the table, but to saturate it. The best thing you can do is focus on simplicity, choosing, for example, a white tablecloth to illuminate with some colourful details, how a red napkin, with sparkling silverware and spotless glasses. Do not forget candles and flowers: a point of light and a small vase with some freshly cut roses will suffice to create an intimate atmosphere, in any case, avoid overly bulky and tall centrepieces, since with them you will not be able to see your partner well while you have dinner.

Going back to the menu, do not be one of the people who save time, buying something prepared. We know it is quite a temptation, but It is better if you notice that you have tried hard. This does not mean that during a night like this you do not have to resort to some “help” to save time and not spend all afternoon in the kitchen. When buying, choose some products that are already clean or ready to cook like having fish filleted for example.

On the other hand, the oven will be your best ally. When choosing the menu, be smart and cook something to bake. In fact, the oven is perfect for cooking elaborate dishes, does not require constant supervision and allows you to use the time for other things (For example, you can use it to get ready while you are cooking or to prepare Valentine’s table).

Do not forget besides the dessert. Whether it’s a little praline, a luscious chocolate mousse or a pretty Valentine’s cake, the dinner must end with a sweet moment to share with the person we love.