How to get jobs in Miami without papers

Getting jobs in Miami without papers despite not being legal is possible but with a very low salary and without security conditions, because the best thing is that if you do not have the corresponding documentation you take time to start the procedures and become a permanent resident legal.

Since in this way you can get a good job well paid according to your aspirations and education.

Can you get jobs in Miami without papers?

So if you wonder if you can get jobs in Miami without papers, the answer is yes, but generally in the construction sector, not a permanent job but a temporary one, which means that you will change a job in Miami. construction successively to another if it is in the only sector where you could be employed.

But keep in mind that you will be working for a low salary, for example, your workday maybe 14 hours and you will earn an average of $ 90 or an average of $ 6.42 an hour during that workday, but how will it be a job done by an illegal in Mami you have no assurance that this payment is a fact and you will not have the option to make a claim to your alleged emperor or to any organization because nobody could defend you.

However, it is the best sector where you can locate to work without papers in Miami because they are heavy jobs that are not occupied by US citizens.

Care to take with jobs in Miami without papers

  1. You may be able to get a job even though you don’t have the papers that make you a legal immigrant but in addition to the fact that you will work for a very low salary doing heavy work that no American citizen is willing to do and neither you are sure that they pay you.
  2. You must be careful with the false social security cards because some unscrupulous ones will make you pay a lot of dollars for these cards and documents that any legal immigrant would show his employer. Well, you as an illegal immigrant, in despair of getting a job, you will pay that amount of dollars and since the employer is not obliged to verify its authenticity, you will be able to hire you, but if you are discovered, that employer can deny having hired you, therefore The weight of the law will only fall on you.
  3. Therefore, the only thing you will get with your job as a paperless immigrant will be that employers exploit you by hiring you as cheap labour for many hours of work.

In fact, from cheap and undocumented labour you will always find opportunities to work either in building or road construction as well as in large food chains or in supermarkets on a temporary basis.

Well, as you realize you will find poorly paid work that will not be enough to pay your common expenses, to eat and you will need to borrow the money you lack and at the same time to pay that loan you will be more exploited by employers because you will need to work longer to cover those expenses.

Employment agencies in Miami

If you want to get a job you can also go to the top 10 of the employment agencies in Miami:

  1. Ad Future Force staff: 15800 NW 57th Ave, Miami Lakes, FL 33014, phone (786) 220-5614
  2. Future Force Staff: 8751 W Broward Blvd Plantation, FL 33324, phone (754) 800-2850
  3. Joevahn S: 931 SW 87th Ave, Miami, FL 33174, phone (305) 646-1107
  4. MGMT Consulting Global: 7950 NW 53rd St SUITE 337, Miami, FL, phone (305) 537-6864
  5. Victoria & Associates Professional Services: 6100 Blue Lagoon Dr. Miami, FL 33126, phone (305) 477-2233
  6. Brickell staff: 1110 Brickell Ave Miami, FL 33131, phone (305) 371-6187
  7. PrideStaff: 5775 Blue Lagoon Dr Miami, FL 33126, phone (305) 299-5300
  8. Careerxchange: 10689 N Kendall Dr Miami, FL 33176, phone (305) 595-3800
  9. AppleOne Employment Services: 6100 Blue Lagoon Dr Miami, FL 33126, Phone (800) 564-5644
  10. Vida Hospitality: 141 NE 3rd Ave Miami, FL 33131, phone (305) 671-3636

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How to find paperless work in Miami

To find jobs in Miami without papers, in addition to resorting to the construction sector, fast food chains and supermarkets, you can also find a job and become a representative and dedicate yourself to direct sales, you will only need an ITIN, which corresponds to the Non-residents and foreign residents who for some reason cannot request the social security number and you will receive a commission for each sale.

Selling services like paperless work

Most of the undocumented, one sees that they realize that work in construction or other commercial premises is not profitable and they only acquire debts and begin to dedicate themselves to the sale of services.

For example, in the sale of services you have several possibilities according to your usability, for example, you can offer house cleaning, repair or maintenance of computers, mow grass in houses, care for the elderly or children, but you will always earn a salary below the minimum never remember to sell goods.

Cleaning jobs in Miami

Cleaning jobs in Miami are the easiest and fastest to get to work in cleaning offices, apartments, condos and houses and even as a housekeeper, for example, you can search in:

  1. where you will find more than 3 million jobs. Enter the type of job you are looking for, it already tells you that you are looking for in Miami Beach, Florida, click on Find now and it will give you the job offer you were looking for. Once you enter the publication that most interest you, you will be able to read all its conditions, for example, the name of the job, the type of schedule, if it is flexible or fixed if it requires you to work on weekends, for which people it is oriented the job if the employer offers you training and pays you per diem and the complete detail of the job with the description of the salary in addition to the requirements.
  2. It also has a search engine for you to enter the type of job you are looking for, then click Find a job and the site will redirect you to the page where you will see all the jobs that match your search and you will be able to see the salary paid by each of the employers who threw the page.

Choose the one that seems most attractive to you and then you can see the job description with the required hours, for whom the job is directed, if the salary includes per diem, the required skill and the requested requirements. In addition to the salary, they will pay you If you are interested in the job offer you will click on the green button.

Jobs in New York without papers

As an undocumented immigrant in New York, you will have illegal status, but as it happens in many states of the United States you will be able to get a job by employers that hire cheap labour, since 70% of the workers are represented by undocumented immigrants in New York and are Employed in almost all areas of the city, such as the construction, food, cleaning, carpentry and automotive industries.

I work in Orlando without papers

If you find a job in Orlando without papers and you are fired, it is very likely that you lose the income that you should have earned.

I work in Florida without papers

While you may be able to get a paperless job in Florida, it’s a risk to you because ever since the Trump administration began, you can be arrested and deported as an immigrant who entered the country illegally.