How to get section 8 in Los Angeles

Section 8 in Los Angeles, is in charge of the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles. Program financing comes from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. These will pay a portion of the rent based on your income, directly to the owner, which reduces your overall housing burden. Even if you qualify, Section 8 in Los Angeles has a long waiting list, so you may not be able to get benefits for months or even years after submitting the application unless your case is considered to be of dire need.

  1. Go to the HACLA website. Read income limits based on family size. You must be below extremely low or very low-income levels to qualify for Section 8.
  2. The designation of extremely low income is given to families earning 30% or less of the average income of the area. The very-low-income designation is given to families earning 50% or less of the average income of the area. Low-income families – those who earn 80% or less of the average income of the area – do not qualify for Section 8 assistance in Los Angeles, unless the owners are converting from a project program to a tenant program. The average income of the area changes annually and varies depending on the number of dependents in the family.
  3. Call HACLA at 213-252-2500 and ask if you can apply for Section 8. All the time the application process is closed and they do not receive new applications.
  4. Attend a meeting to request Section 8, if available. Get and fill out the application. HACLA is located at: 2600 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90057
  5. Attend the Section 8 interview. Answer questions about your dependents. Present proof of your income and expenses. Answer the questions about your employment, criminal convictions and your current life situation.
  6. Wait for a phone call or letter confirming or denying your right to Section 8 in Los Angeles.