How to grow asparagus step by step and correctly

How to grow asparagus? You may have thought about harvesting this perennial in your home garden so you can eat asparagus when you feel like it, but the truth is that to get them to grow you have to be very patient and also follow the essential steps that we indicate below.

As we have already mentioned, growing asparagus requires patience while we may even have to wait up to 3 years for the actual harvest, and then continue cultivation for about 10 or 15 years. However, having a crop of this type of plant can serve to have asparagus throughout the year, although you must know well how to carry out the crop so that over time they can grow without problems.

Steps to grow asparagus

  1. For the cultivation of asparagus, the most important thing to keep in mind at the beginning is to have a soil that has good drainage.
  2. Depending on how and where it is grown the asparagus, we will realize that we are going to obtain a type of asparagus that will be different. In this way, if it grows on the surface, we will obtain green asparagus; if they are grown underneath, then we can get white asparagus; There is also a third option, with violet asparagus;
  3. As for the season in which it is best to grow our asparagus, we will tell you that towards the end of summer or autumn-winter, Depending on your area, it will be the best time. You have to work the soil and insert organic fertilizers first as compost or mature manure; especially if necessary, it will be good to consider the use of mineral fertilizers or other elements, for example, to add calcium.
  4. When planting asparagus, you have to prepare a groove that is 30-50 centimeters wide and 15-30 centimeters deep.
  5. When planting asparagus, try to leave a space, between one and the other, of 30-40 centimeters. Between the rows, you should take into account leaving a distance of approximately 1-2 meters, also depending on the type of asparagus you want to grow (it may be more for the target).
  6. An alternative for the start of cultivation, are seedlings: In principle, place them on the ground between spring and summer, always according to the climate of your area.
  7. Every year, more or less at the end of the winter season, fertilize with an organic material as compost or mature manure;
  8. As for the water, it will be good water the asparagus regularly but only if the weather requires it.
  9. On the other hand it is important too, free the soil from weeds, even using a hoe;
  10. As for the collection of asparagus, generally, the actual harvest begins from the third year, with a specific tool. In the second year, you can take a few sprouts although it is always better to hope that they have fully grown.