How to Melt Bronze

What is Bronze

The creative combination of zinc and copper creates the metal is best known for its decorative nuance: bronze. Bronze, like aluminium, has a relatively low melting point compared to other metals, such as steel and gold. Due to its low melting point, however, it is more difficult to melt than gold because when the bronze reaches its melting point, zinc and copper begin to separate. Fortunately, bronze can be melted safely if all the variables are controlled.

Buy or build a metal smelting furnace. You can get a small one at a local supply for jewellery or crafts. Many websites offer instructions on how to build a smelting furnace. Find a site with well-documented results, preferably from several people. The furnace must be large enough to contain the crucible and the materials that will generate a large amount of heat.

Melting Temperature of Bronze

Bronze Melting Temperature in Celsius is 950 °C.
Melting Point of Bronze in Fahrenheit is 1,742 °F.
Bronze is usually nonmagnetic, but certain alloys containing iron or nickel may have magnetic properties.

How to Melt Bronze

Gather and clean the bronze. To melt any metal safely, you must remove any non-metallic parts. Take out all the pieces of glass, plastic, cloth and everything else. Wash and dry the bronze to make sure you remove all chemical residue. Any material or chemical element remaining in the bronze and placed in the crucible can cause an accidental fire.

Choose a crucible If you bought a furnace for jewellery, the crucible is included. If not, you should find a crucible that is large enough to contain the bronze but small enough to fit in the oven. Read the wrapper to make sure it is able to withstand temperatures high enough for the bronze to melt. Also choose metal tongs that fit the crucible.

Heats the oven. Locate it in an open, well-ventilated place, preferably outdoors. Strip the area around the oven of all flammable materials. Follow the instructions provided with the oven. With a homemade oven, consider trying the oven a couple of times before trying to melt the bronze. Have a fire extinguisher on hand, but do not put it directly in front of the flame.

Put on welding safety gloves, apron and goggles. Place the bronze in the crucible. With the help of the tongs, place the crucible in the oven according to the instructions for the user. You can try the fire with a bit of bronze to practice reaching the casting point accurately and safely. Pour the molten bronze into the mould and let cool.

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  1. Fire a small amount of brass to practice reaching the melting point safely before you attempt a larger project. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in the event of an emergency.


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