How to Get Sponsored by Adidas

Adidas Sponsorship

If an individual wants to know how to get sponsorship from Adidas, it is important that they present a carefully designed proposal that is clear and focused on the benefits for both parties. Adidas offers sponsorship opportunities for sporting events, athletes, franchises, teams and other companies related to sports.

In addition, the Adidas brand also offers sponsorships for other areas, such as movies, music or product placement.

How to get Sponsored by Adidas

Gather information about your audience or attendees, if you are requesting sponsorship for an event on Adidas corporate website. For this, it is necessary to know the age, income, gender and educational level of the average assistant at your event.

This information is used by potential sponsors to judge the value of the sponsorship opportunity. An ideal opportunity would be an audience that is key demographically for the corporation.

In order to achieve this, gathers the support material, presenting photos, brochures and publicity of the previous events. This will help consolidate a sponsorship proposal package for a team, franchise or recurring event.

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How to request sponsorship for the Adidas

Adidas invites individuals and organizations to submit sponsorship proposals through following ways:

  1. Direct Proposal
  2. Sports and Entertainment Sponsorships
  3. Sponsorships for Excellence, Success and Celebrity
  4. Sponsorships With a Social Policy Purpose

Adidas Sponsorship Application Form

Try this sponsorship request letter sample the next time your team extends an invitation for a partnership.





City, State ZIP

Dear Company Name,

In [Community Name], there’s nothing more important than fostering our local sports teams.

Teams like [Team Name] provide students between the ages of [age] and [age] a safe place to get physically active and make connections with their peers.

However, we wouldn’t be able to keep serving our team of [number] young people without important partners like you.

Would [Company Name] be interested in serving as our official team sponsor?

In return, [Team Name] would feature your company as our sponsor at [matches/meets].

This would help your organization gain exposure among [Team Name] parents and in the broader [Community Name] area.

[Team Name] would be happy to start a partnership at any level! However, contributions of [amount] would help us fund [sports-focused goal].

If [Company Name] is excited by this proposal, please reach out to us at [contact information].

Sincerely, [or With warm regards,]

Signature of a leader in the organization

Typed name of organizational leader

Adidas Sponsorship Application

To apply for sponsorship to this big corporation, you should prepare a brief description of the application you require sponsorship at that time. Do not forget to include the who, what, where and when.

Get sponsored by Adidas

That is, who needs sponsorship? What event or function will the sponsor have to attend? Where and when it will take place? Remember to put as many details as possible and remember that this is a sales pitch.

Sponsorship is an opportunity for all parties involved, so it is important that you highlight opportunities for the Adidas Corporation. The benefits often include VIP treatment, free publicity, the opportunity to place a booth or deliver coupons.

Write your letter of sponsorship if it is related to the sport to Adidas Sports Marketing Department. Do not forget that it must be directed to the corresponding department of sports marketing. Such as Tennis, baseball, the Football, Swimming, Golf and many more. If not, the sponsorship letter should be directed to Adidas Entertainment. Adidas don’t accept unsolicited sponsorship requests. For sponsorship requests please send your proposal to the Sports Marketing department marked for the attention of the appropriate sports category (tennis, soccer, etc.) at the following address:

Adidas AG Global Sports Marketing World of Sports 91074 Herzogenaurach Germany

An Adidas representative will contact you concerning your proposal. We appreciate your interest in Adidas and congratulate you on your accomplishments.

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Letter of sponsorship to the Adidas Corporation

In the first paragraph, it details the event or opportunity. In the second, it describes the audience or attendees. Remember that sponsorship should benefit both parties, so you must ensure that your audience is a target market for the Adidas Corporation.

In the third paragraph, it details all the benefits that Adidas would receive for sponsoring the sporting event. To finish, include in the letter the thanks for your consideration and promise that you will keep in touch. Also, it is recommended that you add your contact information at the end.

Make copies of complementary material, such as photographs or, if you are with a non-profit organization, Include the copies in the shipment, making sure to keep the originals.

Arm your package and mail it to the appropriate department. The selected candidates will be contacted by Adidas to receive further instructions.

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Features that Adidas brand seeks for sponsorship

It is important and necessary to bear in mind that when getting an applicant for sponsorship, this has to be coupled with the philosophy of the brand, taking into account some aspects such as lifestyle or tastes.

Today, Adidas takes into account and is very important the number of followers or fans who have in social networks and thus determine the influence before our audience.

Up to this present, of 100% of the sponsors, 90% of them will be successful¸ since this market is studied a lot so as not to obtain a failure and significant losses for the company.

One of the most successful and used in this sponsorship market is that with young successes and a prosperous and broad future since, as they grow with the brand, they are creating a personality and style that favours both parties in the market of advertising to obtain a 100% chance of success.

Pro and Cons being sponsored by Adidas

As you can imagine, sponsorships have their advantages and disadvantages, when entering this world, you have to be very clear that you will be surrounded and immersed in social networks, TV channels, radio, magazine, among others. Either to promote the products or make some information about the Adidas brand.

They will also have to be very reserved or professional to stay out of the bad reviews, which as you know they can never be missing.

Top 20 Adidas Sponsored Athletes

  1. Lionel Messi | La Liga
  2. James Rodríguez | La Liga
  3. Gareth Bale | La Liga
  4. Mesut Özil | Premier League
  5. Marcelo | La Liga
  6. Karim Benzema | La Liga
  7. Mohamed Salah | Premier League
  8. Paul Pogba | Premier League
  9. Paulo Dybala | Serie A
  10. Toni Kroos | La Liga
  11. Manuel Neuer | Bundesliga
  12. Thomas Müller | Bundesliga
  13. Roberto Firmino | Premier League
  14. Damian Lillard | NBA
  15. James Harden | NBA
  16. Dele | Premier League
  17. Aaron Rodgers | NFL
  18. Patrick Mahomes | NFL
  19. Juju Smith-Schuster | NFL
  20. Dak Prescott | NFL

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