How to write a letter to get sponsorship

Sponsorships are requested in many different circumstances. Schools, sports teams and individuals ask companies and others to sponsor their activities. When a company decides to be a sponsor, the person agrees to announce the name of the company in exchange for the donation of goods, services or money from their sponsor. If you are trying to obtain sponsors for a personal mission or activity, write letters to potential sponsors with a polite, professional tone and directed directly to the person making the decision.

Begin the letter by writing “Dear”, followed by the name of the person. By including the name of the person, the letter seems more personal and professional.

Introduce yourself by writing your name and giving some details about yourself.

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Provide details about your mission or activity. A personal sponsorship is requested by a person who is on some kind of mission or is trying to complete some type of activity. Describe the details about the event or activity. It includes the benefits that it will offer to the community or to a group of people that are potential market of the sponsor,

Mention what you are requesting. When a company or individual commits to sponsor a person, they have to understand what the sponsorship involves. Sponsors are sometimes asked to offer goods and services, while at other times, they have to agree on a specific amount of money.

Ask about the type of sponsorship. This letter must contain a request from the potential sponsor. If possible, offer options such as giving money or products.

Explain the benefits that the sponsor will receive. Include details on how you are going to advertise and promote the name of the sponsor. This can be through a newspaper ad or you can place the name of the sponsor in a program or brochure.

In the last paragraph, end the letter thanking the person for considering this form of sponsorship and give the possibility to contact you. Write that you will call at a certain date to follow up on this letter. Let him know that if you have any questions, comments or concerns, you will be happy to talk about them. Sign your name at the end.

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