How to raise money for a good cause

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Raising money for a good cause can be a challenge, as there are many worthwhile causes. Therefore, when you start raising funds for your cause; If you are doing it for your students, the preservation of the environment or cancer research, you should pursue various alternatives to increase your chances of success. Find donations from your friends, family and civic groups in which you participate. You can also raise money online.

Have your friends and family sponsor your participation in an event that is related to your cause. For example, you may be participating in a career that aims to raise funds for breast cancer research. Explain the cause and how your financial support would help you meet your fundraising goal. Your friends and family are more likely to trust you with their donations, unlike people who are not familiar with you or your organization.

Invite members of your church, civic organization, reading club or some similar to sponsor your participation in a fundraising activity related to your cause. This tactic is appropriate if you need to reach a large number of donors and you cannot ask each of them individually. For example, if you are raising money for students to make a trip abroad, explain how their donations would sponsor such trips. Have the students come back to make presentations about how the trip helped them to develop personally and professionally.

Organize a garage sale. These sales are effective ways to get rid of unwanted items while raising money for your cause. Advertise it by placing flyers around the neighborhood. The flyer should mention the cause for which you are raising funds. It should also include the type of items that will be sold, such as clothing or furniture, along with the location and time. Make the garage sale on a weekend, when more people are available to come and buy items. Have a calculator or cash register ready to collect money. Also, be sure to post the prices of the items so people can see them while they search.

Promote your cause on a fundraising website, such as the causes of Facebook, Global Giving and Donors Choose. These sites allow you to publish your project and receive donations online. Regardless of the site you choose, it includes a description of the cause, along with an explanation of where the funds will go. Be sure to include images to help donors understand how their funds are being used. For example, include photographs of people painting if you are raising funds for a graffiti removal project.

Install a fundraising tool on your website. There are several tools, such as Click & Pledge, Convio and Salsa Labs. These tools allow you to create fundraising pages to integrate with your site. When donors visit, they can give money for your cause using their credit or debit cards. Donation pages should include a description of the project. Videos that show people performing a specific action, such as graffiti painting, are also useful. It includes donor amounts to attract those who can only give small contributions. You can also include testimonials from beneficiaries of a previous cause to help donors understand where their funds will end.


You could take a petition writing class if this process is not familiar to you.


Always contact the nonprofit before trying to raise money for them. Many of these large organizations already have a request writing team and do not want to interfere with their ongoing efforts. When writing a petition, always follow the guidelines of the foundation. If not, it will look bad on the part of the organization.