How to write an executive summary for a business plan

A business plan is a document that identifies your specific market, strategies and financial considerations. These documents are used as guides for business owners. You can also use a business plan as a way to present your business to potential investors or financiers when you want to obtain additional funds. One of the most important parts of a business plan is the executive summary, which must accurately communicate the specific objectives of your business. This summary can be the success or failure of your plan.

For the opening paragraph of the executive summary, write a brief review of your company’s history. Keep this section only to the extent of a couple of sentences. It includes information about the founders, the executive committee and the legal structure. Use the last sentence of the opening paragraph to precisely define your goals and objectives. This is especially important for potential investors who review your business plan. The key is to communicate the specific goals you hope to achieve with your company.

Write a mission statement that explains the reasons why your company is in the market. This statement can be something like “changing your lives through innovation”. Make sure the statement is aligned with the main values ​​of your company.

Write a paragraph that explains the concept of your business. This is a description that communicates the products and services that your company sells, the customers to whom these products and services will be sold and the competitive advantages that your business has over competitors.

Write a brief financial summary. The executive summary should identify important financial information about your company, including projections of income, expenses and cash flow. If you are looking for investment capital from investors, detail how much money you need, how you will use it and the return on investment for them.

Include a paragraph that talks about your company’s achievements to date. Detail information about patents, licenses, offices, new product development and the position of your company in the market.

Write a summary paragraph that provides the content of the business plan. After reading the executive summary, your readers should know what to expect from the full document. Finish the executive summary by rewriting the company’s objectives.