How to start a portable toilets business

It may not be the most glamorous of industries, but the portable bathroom business can be a lucrative business. It is a service industry that requires personnel to deliver, recover and empty systems that are rented by customers. It will be necessary an education in the industry, financing, obtaining equipment, a place of elimination, and adequate training for employees in order to avoid potential health risks.

Educate yourself in the portable toilets business. There are associations and publications of cleanliness. The use of these will help you make more informed decisions about the management of your business and get in touch with the vendors. The links are in Resources.

Find an industrial storage area for your portable toilets business. You will have a large area to store your portable toilets and other equipment. Not all commercial areas will have adequate zoning. Contact a commercial real estate agent to help you in your search.

Make arrangements for your wastewater disposal. Contact your local health department and research the local zoning departments. You will have to have the license for the treatment and elimination of the waste that you collect. State licensing may be necessary.

Define your target market Portable toilets are sold to construction sites and are basic and low cost. Others resemble a portable public toilet, suitable for use at wedding venues or other formal events. Knowing what type of clients you will serve will help you to know the necessary systems.

Get an inventory of the portable toilets company. You will need enough portable toilets to meet the needs of your customers, however, you will not want to stretch out too much with portable toilets that are placed in storage and deteriorate. Maintaining the ideal inventory will be one of the keys to your success.

Buy or rent appropriate vehicles and trailers to transport the restrooms for your business customers.

Obtain a business license, insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, contact an accountant to receive advice on payroll procedures, meet with a lawyer to discuss incorporation and limit your liability and apply for business cards. Place an ad in the local phone book.

Promote your business Identify who will use the portable bathroom and target potential customers. This includes the organizers of events, the construction industry, local municipalities and the general public.

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