Nest syndrome in Pregnancy

What is the syndrome of the nest before delivery?

Do you have an imperative need to clean the house and to organize the cabinets?

If the answer is yes, you may suffer what is known as the syndrome of the nest.

This instinct of nesting, very widespread within the animal kingdom, usually occurs between the 5th and 9th month of pregnancy, and encourages women to clean and order the house to have everything ready for the arrival of the baby.

The exact causes of the nest syndrome are unknown, but it is more likely that women have developed this instinct so that their children feel comfortable and well cared for after birth.

What is the syndrome of the nest?

Each woman shows the signs of the syndrome of the nest in different ways.

In general, a pregnant woman with symptoms of nesting has a strong desire to:

  • Make, undo and redo the bag with the things that will be taken to the hospital for the delivery of your child.
  • Clean the house thoroughly.
  • Rearrange your baby’s room, accessories, toys and newborn clothes.
  • Paint the baby’s room, or even the entire house.
  • Stock up on baby food, baby bottles, bibs, etc.

It is not uncommon for the future father to also suffer from these signs of nesting and also choose to order the house.

The syndrome of the nest has a physiological cause.

Around the 38-39 week of pregnancy there is an increase in the amount of adrenaline,which is what probably contributes to the syndrome of the nest.

This desire to cleanse, organize and order is a primary instinct that goes back thousands of years, according to a new study. The researchers discovered that this obsessive behavior, which is characterized by unusual energy increases, is the result of a mechanism to protect and prepare the unborn baby.

This burst of energy may also be the first sign that labor is imminent.

It is the way in which the organism warns that it is ready and with enough strength to face the birth.

Nesting Instinct During Pregnancy – What to Expect

The instinct of nesting is absolutely normal, however it is necessary to make sure that the woman does not demand too much. Although you may want to prepare your home for your newborn, there are some aspects with which you have to take special care.

For example:


It is important to be careful since certain types of paints contain mercury and lead, which could be harmful to both the pregnant woman and the baby.

It would be advisable to assign this task to other people, but if you have to paint it is better to choose water based paints.

Cleaning products

Some household products contain strong chemical components such as bleach or cleaning products for the oven.

It is important to carefully read the labels of the cleaning products before using them, and it is essential that if you have to use them you make sure that there is good ventilation.

Avoid lifting heavy objects

Avoid climbing stairs

The balance changes during pregnancy and there may be a risk of falling.

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