StubHub Review

StubHub – What is it? Walking through the different existing platforms to get tickets for events, I have come across one of the speakers that is one of the largest in the United States, which has been implemented in Europe for a few years, having its corresponding platform for Spain.

What is StubHub?

It is a platform in which any user can sell and buy tickets for any event, (concerts, football games, theatre…). They are present in more than 40 countries and call themselves the largest ticketing platform in the world, giving as a guarantee that it is a company belonging to eBay.

They do not stop being a company, like others like Viagogo, which acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, making the process enjoy more security for both parties.

It is a way to have access to events for which tickets have been exhausted by traditional forms of sale.

How does StubHub work?

StubHub offers customers a platform in which a person can easily publish an entry for any circumstance you want to sell, being accessible to any buyer interested in it.

What benefit does StubHub get?

StubHub offers guarantees for both buyers and sellers, which means that it will collect benefits from both buyers and sellers.

If you are a seller you will have to bear in mind that StubHub will keep 12% of the total sale.

On the other hand, if we are buyers, we will be paying for the chosen event the price that the seller has freely set, plus an 18% commission for StubHub, plus VAT, that is, Price of the ticket = Price chosen by the seller + 18 % + VAT.

Does StubHub offer guarantees?

The first thing we find when we access the portal is that StubHub guarantees and backs 100% of each order with customer service throughout the process so you can buy and sell tickets with total security. A good declaration of intentions that we will see if they comply or not.

In principle, they offer what other buying and selling portals such as Viagogo promise, a series of minimum guarantees that make the majority of transactions safe for both sellers and buyers.

Guarantees of StubHub

StubHub commits to the following:

– The seller will not receive the amount of the entry until the buyer has attended the event, forcing the seller to enter a valid credit card as a commitment to a safe and fast transaction.

– On the other hand, the seller has insured the payment of the entrance of automatic way as soon as you pass the days stipulated after the event, assuming StubHub hypothetical losses in case that problems arose in the payment on the part of the buyer.

On the other hand, StubHub has physical premises, and has a personalized customer service, adapting to the country in which they operate. For example, in the case of Spain StubHub is based at Calle Uribitarte nÂș6, 2nd floor, 48001 Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain

Is StubHub a scam?

StubHub is not a scam, StubHub is a company that puts at our disposal a platform for buying and selling for individuals, acting as an intermediary between Both parties and taking sufficient measures to avoid most of the scams that could occur without their mediation.

What sets StubHub apart from Viagogo is something very big. While Viagogo has a lousy customer service, StubHub offers several means of communication, making the customer feel supported and secure in the purchase or sale that he has made.

StubHub does not lead to confusion as Viagogofrom the first hour we know it is a portal in which you are acquiring tickets sold by other users, a fact that does not occur in Viagogo, in which a first visitor without prior knowledge of it can reach think with relative ease that Viagogo is the distributor of event tickets

Is there a Customer Service?

Yes, StubHub has a good customer service, they even interact in other pages with doubts and suggestions from dissatisfied customers.

They have several ways to contact them. Or directly in the contact form of your page, you can go directly to it Here, either through your contact email: [email protected] or finally a live chat that differentiates between buyers and sellers.

Are our tickets guaranteed?

StubHub counts on security measures that try to guarantee that the transaction is carried out in a safe and satisfactory way for both parties, nevertheless, there can be problems that this company minimizes thanks to measures such as the following:

  • The seller does not receive the money until the buyer has attended the event.
  • The seller must provide a valid credit card to sell entry for sale.
  • There are economic penalties to the seller if he fails to comply with shipping conditions, incorrect entries, entries of different categories …

Doubts with its authenticity

If we have doubts about the authenticity of any acquired entry, the best thing we can do is to contact StubHub customer service first and if it is not possible to contact the distributor of the tickets. If it is not for the first means, at least for the second one we can have a certainty that what we have bought is original.

Victim of a scam?

In the case of having found that our tickets are false or duplicated and we could not attend the concert, the first thing we should do is contact StubHub, try to solve the problem in their customer service.

In the event that we have not been able to resolve the problem and we are victims of economic damage, the corresponding complaint should be presented with the objective that the Police action against the seller of the tickets.

Would you buy on StubHub?

Well, I would buy if I had no choice to get an entry through the official means of sale, however, the page offers sufficient guarantee to be more calm than worried.

Conducting a purchase test on StubHub

The page on its first screen offers us the main events of the moment, choosing this time to buy a ticket for the U2 concert.

Choosing the entry in StubHub

Once we select the event, they offer us the tickets they have together with their price, in this case, we select a track ticket, which has a price of 227.75 euros

The next step, as usual, will be to fill in our information, name, address, telephone number and email address.

Paying entry to StubHub

The process is clear and simple, once we have chosen our entry and filled out all our personal data, we find the payment page.

StubHub gives us the ability to pay both with a credit card and Paypal, which is appreciated.

Before finalizing the payment, we verified that the price of the entrance has increased, how much, since it has happened of the 227.75 euros to 268,07 euros, that is to say, it has increased 40,32 euros in the concept of expenses of management.


StubHub has many more pros than cons , it is a company that responds to any claim from the client, the purchase process is clean and fast, without deception of  “virtual queues“, “customers who are behind you” or “pressure with time available to make the purchase” ( all that happens when you buy on Viagogo ), so if you need an entry, which by any circumstance has been exhausted and you decide to buy it in some platform of this type of sales, I recommend StubHub in front of Viagogo

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