Top 10 Stem Cell Companies in the World

The health sector has been growing at a rapid pace. Now the researchers have found the cure to diseases which were incurable once which include life threatening diseases like leukemia, lymphomas, Sickle cell anemia, immune deficiency disorders, Aplastic anemia, Thalassaemia. This all have been possible through stem cells. As the demand for the stem cells have been increasing in the market, there have been lots of private banks which provide stem cells as per the requirements have come into existence. There are around more than 200 stem cell banks providing the services across the world. This sector has provided immense business opportunities to the investors across the world.

Top 10 Cord Blood Banks Worldwide

Let’s get in to the short detail of each and every bank mentioned above:

CBR – Cord blood Registry

Cord blood Registry Reviews

This is one of the America’s largest cord blood banks. This company came into existence in the year 1992. Till now more than 875000 families have trusted this bank to store their stem cells. They have partnered with FDA approved clinics to provide advancement in the application of the process of cord blood and cord tissue stem cells. They have already helped more than 400 families for the medical treatments related to stem cells.

The CBR has its headquarters at South San Francisco, California. They have 80,000 square feet laboratory which works full year. This lab has a facility to store over 5 millions of stem cells. They also provide with the helpline number. You can contact cbr cord blood registry service at the following numbers: If you are in USA, you can call at 1-888-932-6568 and international callers can call at 650-635-1420. They are having AAAB accreditation, FDA – registration and CLIA certification. It also has ISO 9001:2015 certification which is a global standard for business quality.

“They make it very easy, very simple for you, even for dad. Bank (our children) cord blood with CBR has been so simple and has been so consistent, and the confidence we have in CBR we would like to convey to other people.”

“CBR stood out from the rest of the pack. My OB suggested that Bank there. She gave me a lot of information about her and told me about the collection process, and that made my decision much easier. CBR was the first mentioned by both doctors, the pediatrician and the OB / GYN. ”

  • Storage location: Tucson, Arizona

  • Stored samples: more than 500,000

  • Cost: $ 1,500 one-time payment, plus $ 175 / year for annual storage. Financing plans starting at $ 47 / month for 48 months.

  • Term of mandate: 18 years of prepaid storage plans is $ 2,495, and pre-paid life-long storage plans (78 years) is $ 4,495.

CBR Promo Code

Currently CBR are giving up to $1000 off to all new moms through 5/31 by using cord blood registry promo code ‘MAMA’

CBR Cord Blood Cost

CBR Cord Blood cost will depend if you only want to store cord blood only or both cord blood & cord tissue.

For Cord Blood Only you will have to pay $175 annually or storing your new baby’s stem cells the affordable you have the option of one time payment charges which are as follows

Affordable Payment Options

1 payment 6 months 12 months 48 months
$1500 + applicable storage fees $289/month $155/month $47/month

CBR Cord Blood Cost and Cord Tissue

For storing both cord blood and cord tissue you will have to pay $350 per year.

Affordable Payment Options

1 payment 6 months 12 months 48 months
$2795 + applicable storage fees $480/month $250/month $78/month

Global Cord Blood Corporation – GCBC

Global Cord Blood Corporation is a stem cell storage company based out of China. It was founded in 2009 and has its headquarters at Hong Kong. It stores umbilical cord blood stem cells for the development in rapid sciences and for new advancements in the treatment of genetic diseases by the usage of stem cells.

This bank provides its services in China and Asia Pacific region. It is one of the banks approved by Chinese ministry of health which have now been named to National Health and Family Planning Commission, or NHFPC. It is the largest cord bank in China and also founder of Asia Cord.

The bank is ISO certified and received its certification in 2005. The total user base rose of the cord blood bank to 500,000 in the year 2016.

GCBC Helpline Number

For any information regarding storage of stem cells you can call at 852 3605 8180.


Viacord Reviews

Viacord came into seen first on 1993. This company is a part of the group Perkinelmer which gives it services in health and safety of the people. This company is based in USA and is the third largest cord blood bank in the region. It has already stored around more than 400000 stem cells till now. It is reported that cord bank transplants carried out by Viacord had a long term survival rate of 82%. The laboratory of Viacord is located outside Cincinnati, Ohio which is nearby to international airport. The lab is AABB accredited, FDA approved and CLIA certified.

“I’m glad I chose ViaCord!” Says Kahla, Lillian’s mother, who was born with cerebral palsy after suffering a prenatal trauma when Kahla then pregnant was in a serious car accident. “We have used 80% of your umbilical cord blood, as it is stored in separate bags with ViaCord, and we still have 20% left. Some banking companies store everything in a bag, so the doctor would have had to use everything in a transfusion. ”

“The power of the stem cells is cured my son,” says Andrés Trevinos, whose family deposited his daughter’s blood from the umbilical cord of Sofia with ViaCord to try to save the life of his brother, Andy, who was born with a rare mutation genetics that paralyzed your immune system. The sister’s stem cell transplant to the brother worked and heals Andy.

Viacord Collection, Storage and Transportation

The bags used for collection of cord blood cells by the company are manufactured by Pall Corporation which is sterilized. The company uses a 5 layered bag for its storage.

The advantages of storing cord blood and cord tissue cells in a bag having 5 compartments are:

  • Storage location: Hebron, Kentucky

  • Stored samples: more than 350,000

  • Cost: $ 1,575 one-time payment, plus $ 175 / year for annual storage. Financing plans starting at $ 160.83 / month month for 12 months.

  • Duration of the period: 20-year prepaid storage plans are $ 2,765, and 25-year prepaid storage plans ate $ 3,225.

  • The doctors can use same stem cells for 5 different kinds of treatments all at once from same bag if a need arises.

  • The values of these cells increase as we are heading towards the area of regenerative medicine.

Viacord Cord Blood Pricing

They have a variable price structure based on the number of baby’s stem cells you want to store. It also depend if you want both cord blood and cord tissues.

For the storage, prices are as follows:

  • Annually : $350
  • 20 year prepaid storage: $5530
  • 25 year Prepaid: $6450

If you opt to store for one baby with cord blood and cord tissue with annual storage charges to pay, you will incur the price of $2795.

Viacord Promo Code

Viacord also take care of the new customers by providing them the discounts. For now you can use viacord promo code WEBMAY175 which will save you $175.


It is one of the major bank providing stem cell storages services. It is headquartered at 185 Technology Drive, Suite 150, Irvine, CA 92618. It is a member of HealthBanks Biotech family which is the world leader in biotech field. Health Bank provide cord blood storage facilities in Taiwan, Thailand, HongKong, Macau and Irvine.

This company is licensed by the State of California Department of Health and is also FDA registered. It complies with standards set by AABB which are required for cell therapy. For the operations related to tissues they have got a license from New York Department of Health.

Pacificord Collection Kit

They use collection kits which uses the bag from Pall Collection which is approved from FDA and NDA. They use FDA and NDA approved anticoagulant CPD known as Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Solution. The CPD helps to preserve metabolism of stem cells, so that integrity of cells are maintained from the time of processing to storing. It also helps in increasing TNC that is total nuclear cell count after cord blood processing.

Pacificord Pricing

Pacificord provides various plans for the cord blood storage which are

  1. 1 year plan
  2. 18 year plan
  3. Lifetime Plan

For the prices you can call at their helpline number at 1-888-379-2670

You will also get pacificord promo code which will give you discounts on your chosen plan.

Cryo Cell International

Cryo Cell Reviews

One of the oldest cord blood banks Cryo Cell international was founded in 1989. It was the first company in the world which started to preserve stem cells. They have already served across 500, 000 people across the world in 87 countries. This bank is registered with FDA and also accredited by American Association of World Bank. It is the only private bank in the world which is credited with the Fact. More importantly this bank is also ISO 9001:2008 certified.

“We were so happy with our daughter Delila’s umbilical cord blood bank with Cryo-Cell – nothing but the best for my girl,” says Bryan Dattilo. “My wife did all the research, and Cryo-Cell’s reputation really impressed us. Working with Cryo-Cell was so easy. They were so nice and on top of things, the experience was great, and we recommend them to anyone. ”

“Knowing that our baby’s stem cells could be used for the whole family made the decision much easier. We hope we never have to use them, but it is a definite relief to know that it is there and stored securely in Cryo-Cell. We did our research and compared our options, but when it came to it, we could rely on our baby’s stem cells only with Cryo-Cell. Cryo-Cell is the first in the world to do this, its reputation is second to none, and its processing method is superior to others.”

Cryo Cell Collection, Transport and Storage

  • Storage location: Oldsmar, Florida

  • Stored samples: more than 500,000

  • Cost: $ 1,500 one-time payment, plus $ 175 / month for annual storage. Financing plans starting at $ 79 / month for 24 months (plus $ 199 down payment).

  • Duration of the period: 21-year prepaid storage plans are $ 3,675 plus an additional $ 1,500 processing service and medical courier fee.

A sterile Pall Medical Bag is used to collect stem cells . The bag was approved by the FDA. It is used as anti-coagulation DPC, which is completely devoid of heparin, as recommended by the FDA, to increase stem cell recovery. ChloraPrep is used by company for sterilization. They have their own assembling containers which are designed to keep ambient temperatures up to 30 times more than other traditional kits used by other banks.

Umbilical cord blood is stored in cold bags with five individual sections, which only allows the use of a portion of umbilical cord blood, if necessary. The materials are placed in the refrigerator using the cryogenic nitrogen vapor phase. They collect extra tubes for maternal blood which are used for testing if required.

Cryo-Cell uses HES as standard. Cryo-Cell also has excellent processing, the PrepaCyte-CB method, which says it removes 99% of the red blood cells and retains most of the constitutive stem cells of the which help in faster recovery faster if needed in the implant.

Cryo Cell Pricing

The company has been in the service from 1988 and their services began at $1675. To use their premium services you can pay $350 more which are really effective in transplants. Baby’s cord tissue can also be stored at the additional cost of $970.

Cord Blood & Tissue Pricing
Cord Blood Cord Blood & Cord Tissue
Standard Premium Standard + Tissue Premium + Tissue
Processing Service & Medical Courier
Processing Service & Medical Courier $1500 $1850 $2470 $2820
Collection Kit
Collection Kit Included Included Included Included
Testing of Mother’s & Baby’s Blood
Testing of Mother’s & Baby’s Blood Included Included Included Included
First Year of Storage
First Year of Storage $175 $175 $350 $350
Total $1,675 $2,025 $2,820 $3,170
Coupon Code SUNNY

Discounted Price

Coupon Code: SUNNY

Discounted Price

$300 OFF


$300 OFF


$1000 OFF


$1000 OFF


Cryo Cell Discounts

Cryo Cell have been giving discount for their plans which can provide you $300 off . While choosing plan and during checkout you can use SUNNY as a discount code.

Life cell International

Found in 2004, it is India’s first and largest cord blood storage bank. More than 3, 50,000 people have already used their services to store their younger ones cord blood cells. They have been founded with the technical collaboration of Cryo Cell international that have 25 years of the experience in stem cell storage. They have their laboratories located in Chennai and Gurgaon with the more than 200 services centers across the country.

Life Cell Licenses and Accreditations

The company has been accredited with following Indian and international licenses:

  • ISMS (Information Security Management System) accreditation
  • AABB (formerly American Association of Blood Banks) for Cord Blood
  • DCGI (Drug Control General of India) licensed
  • DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) licensed for R&D
  • WHO GMP for Blood Establishment
  • CAP Accredited (College of American Pathologists)
  • ICCBBA Registered (International Council for Commonality in Blood Banking Automation)
  • ISO 9001:2008 (International Standards Organisation) certified by DNV
  • NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories)
  • US FDA Registered (United States Food and Drug Administration)

Life Cell Storage and Transport

The collection kit used by Life Cell has the following features:

Super Strong Stainless Steel Box

The box has 700 times more strength than the thermocol because it is made up of tough stainless steel.

Vacuum Insulated Temperature Maintenance

This keeps the the optimum temperature for up to 72 hours while the samples are transported in laboratories.

Environment friendly:

The kit is durable and last long which are recyclable and thus reduce the carbon footprint.

Contamination Proof:

The sets are completely closed. This prevents water seepage and keeps your sample dry healthy and free from contamination.


Advanced steel set are almost 40% smaller than the old one which avoid sudden shock and jerks while transporting.

Lifecell Pricing

The lifecell have three plans:

  • Annual Storage Plan
  • One Time Plan
  • Life Time Plan

Annual Storage Plan

Annual Storage Plan will cost you Rs 19, 990 + Rs 4000 which includes:

  • Testing and Processing Fee
  • Renewal – charged every year on child’s birthday
  • Sample collection charges payable extra as applicable basis the delivering hospital.

One Time Plan

One time plan will cost you Rs 19, 990 + Rs 30, 000 which include 21 years storage and:

  • Testing and Processing Fees
  • Sample collection charges payable extra as applicable basis the delivering hospital.

Lifetime Plan

Lifetime plan will cost you Rs19, 990 + Rs45, 000 which include 75 years storage and:

  • Testing and Processing Fees
  • Sample collection charges payable extra as applicable basis the delivering hospital.


Famicord Group is a cord blood bank group which is functional across Europe and has 8 stem cell laboratories. PBKM bank leads this group which is located in Poland. After acquiring stemlab in Portugal, they have largest inventory of stem cells in Europe. Their collection exceeds 355,000 stem cells. The medical specialist from famicord is very active and had already implemented more than 1,000 transplants across the world.

FamiCord laboratories process umbilical cord which are rich source of mesenchymal stem cells. Institute of stem cell therapies was established in 2015 which introduced therapies using mesenchymal stem cells. FamiCord group is 5th largest bank in the world for cord blood banking. They have 10 laboratories across Europe (Hungary, Poland (2), Romania, Spain (2), Turkey, Switzerland (2), Portugal). They are also AABB accredited.

Here is the list of stem cells bank working under Famicord across Europe:

FamiCord Network for Banking Cord Blood and Tissue

FamiCord Member or Partner Lab Location Countries Served
PBKM Yes Warsaw, Poland Poland
Biocell Lugano Yes Lugano, Switzerland Switzerland, Italy
Biogenis Yes Bucharest, Romania Romania
BioKryo GmbH Yes Sulzbach, Germany Various countries
Bio Save Group No Belgrade, Serbia Serbia, Albania (& Kosovo), Bosnia (& Herzegovina), Croatia, Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro
Cell aviva Yes Stockholm, Sweden Sweden, Denmark
Cilmes Šūnu Banka No Riga, Latvia Latvia
Crioestaminal Yes Cantanhede, Portugal Portugal, Italy, Spain, Switzerland
DBKM Yes Krakow, Poland Poland
Famicord AG No Zurich, Switzerland Various countries
Famicord Italia No Milan, Italy Italy
Izvorna Celica (part of Bio Save) No Ljubljana, Slovenia Slovenia
Krio Yes Budapest, Hungary Hungary
New Jersey Cord Blood Bank Yes Montvale, NJ, USA Various countries
Sevibe Cells Yes Barcelona, Spain Spain
Ukrainian Stem Cell Bank No Lviv, Ukraine Ukraine
Yaşam Bankasi Yes Ankara, Turkey Turkey

Famicord Pricing

Famicord will cost you $200 for enrollment including $500 processing fee and $125 annual storage fee. Storage for advance 20 years will cost you $1500.

Cryo Save

CryoSave Reviews

Cryo Save has been in the stem cell banking since 2000. They are leading family stem cell bank and they stored over 250,000 stem cells. They have stored samples from over 70 countries. They have three laboratories with state of art equipment. LifeCell, which is India’s first and largest cord blood storage bank, on Tuesday take over the operations of Cryo-Save India with 18000 cryopreserved umbilical cord units and its customer agreements to LifeCell. Cryo Save shut down its unit at Bengaluru and shift to Chennai.

Cryo Save Process

When you enroll with cryo save you will receive your collection kit which will be given to your physician to collect umbilical cord. After the collection the courier service will pick your sample which is taken to state of the art facility for processing. Blood is collected from the mother and cord blood sample to laboratory of Cryo Save. After that sample is processed, examined and prepare for stem cell storage.


Cordlife Reviews

The Cordlife group is the largest stem cell processing network in Asia and the storage facilities is available in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and the Philippines. It also has diagnostic services for the mother and baby including genetic screening. Cordlife acquired Hong Kong’s largest cord blood bank HealthBaby Biotech in January 2018. It is the first banks to provide cord banking and lining services in the countries like Myanmar and Vietnam. The services provided by cordlife group are accredited by AABB.

Cordlife Blood Processing, Storage and Transportation

The company uses AXP®II system which is FDA approved for the processing of stem cells. It is one of the safest, sterile and automated cord blood processing technology which helps in recovery of CD34+ stem cells and MNCs which are helpful in successful transplant

After collecting cord blood the physician will cut the part of umbilical cord and will be stored in sterile container which is provided with Cord Linking Collection kit. After collecting the container is sent to laboratory of Cordlife for cryopreservation. After that umbilical cord is processed and all other components are removed except cord lining. After that cord lining is cleaned. After that cryoprotectant solution is added and cord lining segments are freeze where temperature is maintained 1-2 degree lower which preserves viability of stem cells. After that cryovials are transferred into anti contamination vapor phase liquid nitrogen system which is preserved for long time at the controlled temperature of -190 degree Celsius.

Cordlife Pricing

The plans of cordlife starts at Rs 5000 and then you can pay Rs 999 for subsequent years as the storage charges.


Vita34 is a stem cell bank which was founded in Leipzig in the year 1997 which was also the first umbilical cord blood bank in Europe. They preserve stem cells and also provide the transportation to collect the blood, prepare stem cells and then the storage of the stem cells from the cord blood and tissue. The cells are stored at -180 degree Celsius temperatures which are then used whenever required for the medical treatment.

More than 215000 consumers have already benefited from the Germany itself. Vita34 have 2 state-of-art-laboratories which are located in Germany which practice Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and also monitored by authorities of Germany. They also got FACT accreditation in 2018. Vita34 is currently operational in more than 20 countries in Europe and they have more than 20 years of experience in cord blood banking.

Vita34 Processing, Transport and Storage

  • Vita34 sends the collection kit after the contract has been signed by the patient after paying the amount of 195 Euros.
  • The company tells the clinic to collect umbilical cord in collection kit and the user have to carry the collection kit to clinic.
  • After the cord is cut doctor collects the cord blood and cord tissue in the collection kit.
  • After that courier are informed by clinic to collect the cord blood container which are taken to Vita34 laboratory.
  • After that cord blood is preserved and safely stored in cryo tanks to be used later when required.
  • After that vita34 sends storage certificate, invoice along with anamnesis form.
  • After the anamnesis form is duly filled and returned Vita34 does test of stored preparation and result is told to you.
  • You can get any information about your stem cell deposits through customer portal of Vita34

Vita34 Price

Vita34 have two plans for the people. The difference between two plans is that VitaPlus will store only cord blood whereas VitaPluscord will preserve both the cord blood and cord tissue.

  • VitaPlus
  • VitaPlusCord

VitaPlus plan will cost you Euro 1990 plus Euro 60 annual fees.

VitaPlusCord will cost you Euro 2490 plus Euro 99 Annual fees.

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  1. may joke around a lot in our lives, but out of the game, when we learned about how stem cells from umbilical cord blood and cord tissue can possibly be used to save lives, there was no question that we would stockpile.

    Knowing that our baby’s stem cells could be used by the whole family made the decision much easier. We hope we don’t have to use them, but it’s a relief to know that they are there and safely stored with Cryo-Cell.

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