Types of employment application forms

Most companies require applicants to fill out applications as a standard procedure. Only in this way can the company know the person better by expressing their skills and knowledge, as well as then determine the correct position for that applicant. If technology, laws and the labour market change, of course, the basic fields and questions in the applications will also change. Although the forms of job application come in a variety of designs basic templates, most of them fall into a few categories.

The way to carry out the job application can also vary, because although it is usually thought of a printed document and delivered to the Human Resources office, today it is more used to the delivery of these requirements online, through email, attaching documents related to these cases, such as the letter of presentation and the curriculum.

What are the basic data in the form that the company usually requests?

The forms of job application most basic consist of one or two pages of standard questions. First, the application asks for personal and contact information, such as full names, date and place of birth, number and type of driver’s license, identity number, address, email and phone numbers.

The remaining fields usually ask for information about work experience, allowing to describe the positions and responsibilities exercised, the history of education from high school to post-graduate studies, as well as attended courses and conferences. It is also usually consulted if the applicant has immediate availability to work and asks to gather personal references that are not from close relatives. On this last field, it is recommended to fill a minimum of three people, with their updated data, because they will recommend your services when Human Resources seeks to verify the information.

There are also other important fields, such as knowledge of other languages, marital status and basic data of the spouse, as well as the type of housing. This type of form usually ends with a text that confirms that all the information provided is true, as well as the signature of the applicant and the date of issue.

What other data are usually provided in this form?

Many employers use more in-depth application forms for the hiring process. Although these detailed applications include the basic questions of the application, they also gather more information about the corresponding job position. Almost all of these applications contain a separate section for you to sign authorizing the company to conduct a criminal background check and, often, credit check in your bank account.

In addition, longer applications often require a more detailed work experience history than basic forms. Depending on the type of work, detailed request forms may request more information related to the work, including your speed of writing, software knowledge, ability to lift certain weights, certifications and different skills. So do not be intimidated if there are fields that suggest the description of competences, with questions that require specific answers and according to your work field, it can be an opportunity to make known everything you have not expressed in the interview in person.

What is the best way to send this form?

Many job applications, especially for large companies, must be completed online or by the computer in the workplace. These electronic applications are usually quite detailed with questions similar to paper applications, only that they require further elaboration in order to provide useful information to Human Resources.

These documents can be uploaded to a platform, where they allow the document to be saved if they lack any information they need to complete the application. They are then sent to the Human Resources email, without the need to attach any file or print documents.

Although they gather the same information as paper applications, electronic applications allow companies to easily administer tests during the application process.

Some job applications in paper format can include basic test questions in subjects such as math or customer service. However, most tests of online applications occur in the form of psychometric tests.

After providing the information and history, the automated application will direct you to a portion of the final test. The tests include multiple-choice questions designed to assess aptitudes, personality, motivation, values, and interests. Then, the company can compare the results among the applicants, and thus determine the best employment profile.

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