Types of Posters

Posters are used for a variety of purposes, and as such are grouped by types or classifications that make it easier to create a poster since each type has particular characteristics.

Advertising Posters

Advertising posters are everywhere and are used to announce an event or a new product, according to the Free Library website. They are usually in colors and are placed in high traffic areas, where they can be easily seen.

Informative Posters

These types of posters do what their name suggests, inform or educate people about something. They can be used to create a social awareness campaign or to help save endangered species.

Topic Posters

These posters are about anything. They are usually sold at concerts or at artistic performances. The portrait of a musician or an art exhibition is often the subject of these posters, hence the name.

Affirmation Posters

The affirmation posters present inspirational or motivational phrases. They can have verses from the Bible or beautiful images, as well as some kind of slogan to keep people motivated, encouraged or comforted.

Propaganda Posters

Propaganda posters often have a bad reputation because they are often associated with political campaigns or corporate advertising. They often have logos and represent the values or philosophy of a company or a political candidate.

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