Virtual cards: solution for expert (and inexperienced) buyers

Whether you are a heavy user of those who buy even bread online or if you are one of those who have doubts when giving the data on a website, perhaps you do not know the advantages of the virtual card. Shall we tell you?

What is a virtual card?

It is a card that you create yourself exclusively to make your purchases online and, best of all, it is free. In the event that you do not want to give out your credit or debit card details or you want to have greater control over expenses and avoid scares, the virtual card becomes your ideal ally. For example, they are used to pay for things like software licenses or charges that you want to limit (any gamers in the room?).

The best thing about the virtual card is that you choose how much you want to spend and for how long, because you will also choose the expiration date. We will provide you with the same information that any other card has: card number, expiration date and security code ( CVV ).

What do I need to create one?

If you are an ABANCA customer, you only need to have the electronic banking service (individuals or company) or mobile banking and have a real Visa or MasterCard. To create a virtual card in your electronic banking you have to follow these steps:

  • Access the ‘Cards’ category
  • Select the option ‘Register the virtual card’
  • Give your card a name (for example: Sales)
  • Select the total amount that you are going to pay with it and the expiration date.

And ready! That will be the card number that you must include when paying online.

As soon as you have it, we will provide you with the card number, the expiration date and the CVV so that you can easily make your purchases online.

Being a virtual card, the expiration date is shorter; You can choose between one or two months, just the time necessary to make your purchases online. An extra to take care of your security, is that you create single-use virtual cards with an amount practically identical to that of the purchase you are going to make or, if you are going to make several, one with the sum of what you are going to spend.

Another advantage of virtual cards is that they are free. Through mobile banking, from ‘ Cards’ > ‘Operate’ > ‘Virtual Cards’ you can create the ones you need.

When you create a new virtual card , no charge is made on your associated real card. The amount of the virtual card will be the maximum amount that you can spend with it, but until you use it to pay for a purchase, your account will not be charged. Keep in mind that you can only use it for purchases you make online.

Can I receive income on a virtual card?

No, virtual cards are created only as a form of payment, not to receive income or other types of operations.

Keep in mind that virtual cards are, above all, a tool created so that you can pay safely online. For operations such as income, payment in installments or other operations, you have several cards that may interest you.

When are your purchases charged with this card?

The operation is similar to any other card. When you use it to pay for a purchase, it will first be verified that the maximum limit you set when registering the virtual card has not been reached.

After this verification, an attempt will be made to charge the amount of the purchase on the real card that you associated with your virtual card. If that real card, debit or credit, has enough balance for the amount of the purchase… Operation carried out!

And do I have to make a refund on this card?

If you are going to be refunded an amount, even if your virtual card has already expired, the money will be credited to the financial card that you linked as normal.