What are the requirements to open a Wells Fargo account in the United States?

Wells Fargo offers a variety of options for all budgets

Wells Fargo has been a traditional bank in the United States since its founding in 1852 by Henry Wells and William Fargo. It currently has more than 7,600 locations, 13,000 ATMs and a workforce of just over 260,000 employees, making it one of the largest financial institutions in the entire American territory.

Nearly 11% of Americans use Well Fargo as their primary bank, according to GOBankingRates. It has suffered from strong recessions and remains one of the most financially sound options to withstand the misfortunes that other of its competitors have not overcome.

To open a Wells Fargo account you need to verify the following personal information:

  • Your name
  • Legal direction
  • Date of Birth
  • Social security number or tax identification number
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • initial deposit

These requirements apply to open an account at a branch and also to do so through its website wellsfargo.com, although you may need to have your driver’s license or other type of official identification with a photograph at hand. If you open online, remember to scan all your documentation to attach it to your application or you must fax it to the bank.

Types of Wells Fargo checking accounts

You can open any of the Wells Fargo checking accounts with an initial deposit of $25. Another generality is to be able to access your money at any of the ATMs in their own network.

These are the account options you have at this bank:

1. Wells Fargo Everyday Checking

It is the most popular Wells Fargo account. You have a debit card, you can have the Wells Fargo Mobile app service and movement alerts. Students from 17 to 24 years old do not pay any monthly service fee. The $10 monthly fee can also be avoided if you maintain a daily balance of $1,500.

2. Wells Fargo Preferred Checking

This Wells Fargo account pays a rate of return of 0.01% starting with a monthly balance of $500. This account has a $15 fee that can be avoided by maintaining a $10,000 balance or $1,000 qualified direct deposit each month.

They also have a Wells Fargo Clear Access Checking account for teens ages 13-17 and their Portfolio by Wells Fargo, a premium account with interest-yielding rewards for a $30 monthly fee avoided with a monthly bank deposit balance linked by $25,000 dollars or more.

Fees for withdrawing cash at other ATMs outside of the Wells Fargo network range from $2 to $2.5 per transaction, plus any fees charged by the ATM owner.

If you want more information, you can enter their page or call 1-877-250-2239 to open an account.