What does MM YY Mean

What is MM/YY

The abbreviation MM / YY corresponds to the expiration date of the credit or debit card with which you are going to make the payment of your order; You will find it on the front of the card after the inscription “Valid until”. The term ” MM ” means the two-digit representation of the month. Similarly, the element ” YY ” means the two digits of the year of expiration.

To complete the purchase successfully, you must enter the necessary payment details as well as MM / YY digits inside the corresponding box and click on “Finish order”; Once payment is accepted you will receive an e-mail confirming your purchase.

What Does MM/YY Mean on a Credit Card

The abbreviation MM/YY on a credit Card or debit card refers to the two digits of the month and the four digits of the year that determine the expiration date of the card, better known in bank or credit jargon as “expiration date”. We clarify that this corresponds to the card or plastic, not your account or line of credit.

If this date has expired, you will not be able to use your card; Therefore, make sure your bank sends you a new one before the old one expires.

Many institutions with an adequate level of service do not allow you to be stranded, on the contrary, they anticipate you by means of a telephone or email message that your plastic is about to expire and that you must go to the bank to pick up the new card or you will They arrive at your home or workplace.

The abbreviation MM/YYYY of the credit card, according to Gobankingrates.com, has a function: the card issuers anticipate when the plastic may be sufficiently worn to require replacement.

The expiration date is also used for security reasons: it is one more fact that you must enter when you make a purchase via telephone or online with the CVC code.

We address some peculiarities referring to the abbreviation MM/YYYY of credit cards.

What is MM YY

The abbreviation MMYY on credit or debit cards may seem confusing if you are not familiar with it, but it is simply a way of representing the expiration date.

You find it on the front of the credit or debit card, to the centre and to the right, after the inscription “Valid Thru” or “Good Thru” which means “Valid until”; just below it, you will find the expiration date engraved in high relief.

  • The term “MM” means the two-digit representation of the month; for example, if below MM appears 02, it means that it expires in February
  • Similarly, the element “YYYY” means the four digits of the year of expiration. If 2020 appears below it, for example, your card will expire on February 29, 2020
  • Valid Thru: 02/2020“. Just on the eve of that famous day of the leap year!
  • Remember: the last day of the month indicated in “MM” expires and not the first

Mastercard Expiration Date Format

Although you can no longer use an expired card in stores or for online purchases (where you have to register for the first time), if your card is already registered on sites such as eBay, Amazon.com or others Where you have contracted scheduled payments online, such as paying your Dish Network bill, these companies are likely to receive updated card information and you will not have to do it on your own.

Major credit card companies offer update services to provide merchants with new credit card numbers and their customers’ expiration dates. However, it is always a good idea to verify if your card was automatically updated for scheduled payments.

If you notice that the date indicated in MM/YYYY is approaching and you have not received a new card, you can call the issuer’s call centre to make sure it is on its way. Once you have it, you should generally activate it by phone or online. If it is a prepaid card, you may have to deposit a fee to avoid losing the money you have in it.

The credit card company will also give you recommendations on how to get rid of your previous card, usually breaking it with scissors or crushing it.

What Does MM DD YY Mean

When you make purchases with your credit card online, retail stores will request the expiration date of your plastic.

This is to make sure your card is still valid; It is an additional security measure that makes it less likely that someone else is using your card number without your permission. In this way, a thief who only has your card number and not the expiration date cannot make a purchase in your name.

It is also illegal for merchants to print the expiration date on receipts you get at stores.

Other data apart from MM / YYYY

In addition to the expiration date in the MM / YYYY format, credit and debit cards will also include other numbers.

The main number is the credit card account number itself, usually 16 digits, which you will need to make purchases; You should also contact your credit card company to ask questions and, often, to set up online banking or pay your bills.

What is CVC Number

There is also an additional security code, sometimes called Card Verification Value (CVC), which is usually necessary to make purchases online or pay for things over the phone.

The verification code is another way for companies with which you do business, to make sure that it is really you and that you are in possession of your card.